Please join the new "Committees" group

The exec team realized we needed to create a separate group for Committees in case/when we end up adding people who are not on the board as we will not want them to be privy to some of the board discussions here. 

That Alliance Board Committees group is now live. Please come join it right away.

If you are a Chair of a Committee, please click "Add Discussion" and start a new thread with the title of your committee. 

If you are responding or posting about a certain committee, please be sure to do it INSIDE that committee by first clicking on the name of the post for that particular committee, THEN posting or replying INSIDE.


You will need to "request" to join by clicking the link in the pale yellow strip across the top. Read it and you'll see the link; then you'll have to wait for Jesse or I to approve you. See you there!

You need to be a member of Depth Psychology Alliance to add comments!

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  • Got it!

  • Membership by Invitation Only

    If you have an invitation, click the link in the email to join. Or, why not create your own group?

    --Are we supposed to click the Create Your Own Group link? I don't see any others.

    • Sorry! This system has a mind of its own. I think I managed to remove the "by invitation only" caveat, so please click and try again. Look in the pale yellow strip at the top and click on the link there to request access. Thanks for your patience.

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