I think we unanimously agreed on our Board Call in (April?) that we should go ahead and open the Alliance to the public.

We also agreed we should revamp the home page before we actually do it, and we are still in discussion about what that might look like. I'd like to put a task force together to take on the re-design so we can set a date and timeline. We also need to give members time to decide if they want to delete any of their posts or remove their membership (which automatically removes all their content, I believe, or at least gives them the option).

One reason I think we don't see posts about current events (Case in point: the church shooting yesterday) is that the Alliance is NOT public. If it were, there would far more interaction between the Alliance and other social media sites, a point Gary touched on in our meeting last week.

Question: Should we Announce We are Opening to the Public in the event Tomorrow and let them know it will happen in the next few weeks so we can warn people and start creating buzz?

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  • I'm good with announcing as there is a plan to put in place a plan. That way when people ask when, we can say that a committee is working on that with a tentative date of ?? And, can we each clearly articulate the question of 'why'? And, how we anticipate it will impact the Alliance? 

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  • Just a note, in case I haven't been clear: even if most pages in the Alliance are publicly viewable, no one would be able to post without membership so not much would change there...

  • Yes!

  • I think it's important to get started as soon as it is practical. I have not posted anything about the Alliance anywhere because no one can follow the posts unless they are members.

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    • LOVE  the use of image, here. Michael. Thanks!!!!

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