• Current Upcoming Events for the Alliance: Aug/Sept/Oct: 

      Stepping into the Metaphoric Realm: Free experiential teleclass with Kim Hermanson PHD


      "DROUGHTaction"- CALL FOR Submissions —DEADLINE: Sept 6; Live Community Webinars Sept 22-23


      October Online Book Club (Starts October 1): On the Doorstep of the Castle: The Story of Teresa of Avila and Alma de Leon. Details to be announced; interview with Elizabeth Clark Stern coming week of August 24

      Stepping into the Metaphoric Realm: Free experiential teleclass
      In this workshop we'll be drawing on the ancient power of metaphor as a portal into a realm of profound beauty and creativity. You will experience an…
  • Hi Donna,

    Thought I would offer the attached "materials and worksheets" for the MacMillan Matrix, which is one way for service organizations to decide how well a program "fits" the organization and whether it's a good strategic investment. It's just one way of thinking about things. I was on a board once where we used this to evaluate all our programs.

    MacMillan Matrix.pdf
    • This is great, Dorene! Simple enough that even I can follow--or anyone who is overwhelmed with data. I believe this could serve as a fantastic basic benchmark for us. Thanks!

  • Programs and Events Committee Meeting Notes 8/3, Donna, Brent, Jesse, and Mark in Attence

    *Another invocation for centering, arriving, trusting that “what we need is here.”

    --Talked about overwhelm, limited resources, and looked over full parking lot of events and program that are parked on this committees agenda. Came to terms with choosing two items that are here now to focus on: Brent’s Interviews and Bonnie’s Book Group.

    --Discussed publishing interview transcripts and selling books at DPA for revenue streams. Amazon Affiliate program and/or independent bookseller’s arrangements for offering a percentage of sales?

    --Recognized that we are laying the ground work for eventually becoming seasoned and effective evaluators of future proposed events and programs. But for now establishing criteria for evaluating revenue generation, level of exposure in the larger community, and adding value to DPA members.

    --Discussed difference between activities in this group and those in the Education group.  Other group’s focus on professional development, CEUs, etc.

    --Scheduled next committee meeting 8/24 2-3:30pm PT

    • Excellent! You all did alot! Thanks for updating and I have the next meeting on my calendar.

      FYI--there is a Book Club scheduled for October for 'At the Doorstep of the Castle' by Elizabeth Clark Stern. I did her interview yesterday and will use this opportunity to create a PAS (Program Assessment Sheet) so we have something for our records. Is there anything in particular you discussed or proposed for the Book Club--especially ideas we could implement here? Would any or all of us on this committee want be copied on my correspondence with Elizabeth in coming weeks?

      Also, I'm wondering if we should designate a chair and a second for each project/program we do so there will always be at least two people who know what's going on and how to do it. Thoughts?
    • I think that's a good idea...on the other hand, there's not many folks from whom to choose. 

    • Agreed, Brent. Hoping we will add more people as we go--it's an agenda item for our board meeting. Meanwhile, maybe things will shake down. I can be your second for the Interview series if no one else feels able.

  • 7/28/15


    Proposal Letter for the Programs & Events Committee of the

    Depth Psychology Alliance

    Submitted by Brent Potter

    Dear Committee,


    I am writing to propose an ongoing, weekly or bi-weekly, video webcast through the Depth Psychology Alliance. This webcast may be titled, “Depth Insights with Brent Potter” and will feature interviews and conversations with people in the field of depth psychology and related fields.


    The program has been discussed with the Alliance’s founder and also discussed live during a Programs & Events Committee meeting.


    As stated during the meeting, the benefits to the Alliance would be providing another avenue to engage our membership, to reach potential members (i.e. individuals outside of present membership), to provide the opportunity to develop the format and process that can be replicated by others in the Alliance who may want to do something similar (e.g. ‘Depth Insights with ________’ ). The project may also serve to provide a platform wherein different facets of depth psychology may be presented and engaged.


    In regards to cost, this is a zero-dollar start up project. There will be a time expenditure, as Bonnie assists in helping me understand the platform / technology.


    In regards to revenue for the Alliance, it remains mysterious as to whether this will produce revenue either directly or in some circuitous fashion. As the project develops, it will become clearer in what ways revenue may be gained.


    It makes sense, especially as a new project, that the Programs & Events Committee monitor the progress of the project. Moreover, should there be some reason I am unavailable or that it is deemed that the project should discontinued that the Committee and I work together to ensure a smooth transition.


    Finally, it would benefit future projects if paperwork (e.g. a proposal form) and protocol were developed and tracked along the way so that other future projects may benefit.

    Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or if I can provide anything further.

    Kind regards, Brent

    • Brent—Thank you so much for putting together your summary of the video podcast project. 
      I’ve pulled from what you’ve provided here below in your proposal, and taken the liberty of laying out the process into a table so we can start to identify the steps, time commitments, and hard costs in bite-sized pieces. 
      Please do your best as a committee to start filling in your estimates for costs where you can.
      This is what I’m hoping we can do for each project we assess—whether it be the Book Club, the Board-led Online Discussion Panel/What is Depth Psychology? Series, a Telesummit, in-person Conference, etc. 
      This document/template is preliminary, of course, so additions and changes should be integrated as the committee discusses and the project begins to take shape. 

  • Here are the minutes from our meeting (add any changes/additions):

    The following is a tentative set of minutes for our meeting on July 27, 2015.  Please send me any additions and/or corrections in the next few days and I will post the minutes on the DPA committee page:

    PARTICIPANTS:  Bonnie Bright, Jesse Masterson, Brent Potter, Mark Sipowicz, Donna May
    QUOTE:  "Let us imagine the anima mundi as that paticular soul spark, that seminal image, which offers itself through each thing in its visible form...its availability to imagination, its presence as a psychic reality. Not only animals and plants...but soul is given with each thing, God-given things of nature and man-made things of the street." -James Hillman, Anima Mundi
    BRAINSTORM:  Each participant was able to talk about their vision and ideas related to future programs & events. Here were initial thoughts/imaginings:
    MARK:  Interest in DPA transition to a movement-orientated focus; also creating on-going event with focus on current events, as well as weaving together positive psychology and depth psychology, perhaps telling positive stories related to issues of our world (ie, music event bringing attention to drought).   Mark talked abou the possible overlap of membership activities and events. Bonnie expressed interest in this and creating a brand and name related to DP & Cultural Crisis.
    JESSE:  First, spoke on interest in ending this first tentative meeting with clear goals to work on and  another meeting date agreed upon.  Focus: Interest in Depth Insights , ways to get more mileage after publication, perhaps create a mini-book club where there are discussions on eZine. Another idea is to take two or more of the essays and have authors dialogue with another. 
    Jesse also recommended we look at events & programs run right now through a 3 year outline and sustainability issues. He also advocated for a way to review proposals by others who wish to develop programs in the DPA.
    BRENT:  Propsal to do a weekly webinar that would be Brent having conversations with other DP people - and beyond. Brent interested in expanding interviews with others who are experts in other areas beyond depth psychology. 
    Bonnie liked this idea and felt it could be expanded so that Brent and others could offer webinars using the Depth Insights brand. She also recommended creation of a proposal form for program offerings that would include information that includes: Short Description of the program or event; number of hours (est); costs involved with event (including computer, software, etc); Activities & (so)man hours involved.
    BONNIE: Look at existing programs and event offerings and evaluate if want to keep and how to priortize these, including:  webinars (Brent's offering and others), Ezine, Book Club, Dinner & Depth. Committee should not only prioritize, but look at ways to bring in funds and types of programs and events that would be less labor intensive and easily created & funded ("low-lying" fruit).
    Brent:  Brief Initial Proposal for Webinar Interviews & Co-Chair with Donna 
    Jesse:   eZine Timeline & looking at getting help/volunteers
    Mark:  Post Psych DP & Relationship Committee coordination for event; Review idea of DPA in regional areas; 
    Donna: With review w/Mark re outline/probability of a Pos Psyche/DP and Current Events & Co-Chair with Brent
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