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ON THE DOORSTEP OF THE CASTLE is a drama that asks: How does the divine live in us and in the world?

Set in 16th century Spain we meet Teresa of Avila, the great mystic who receives messages directly from God. Is she mad, or is she attuned to the unconscious in the manner of Jung and The Red Book?

A young Jewish woman shows up on Teresa's doorstep, fleeing oppression and seeking her own rapture. Their story is relevant to our times as we struggle to find the divine within and make a place for Her that crosses divisions of mind and soul  in our world.

I look forward to seeing everyone here for assigned readings, timeline, discussion, questions and more starting October 1!

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Good evening, everyone. As we come down the home stretch of our book club time (a metaphor influenced, I admit, from the world series in baseball), I am filled with gratitude for our nourishing time together. I am also aware that we have a new member who joined just a few days ago. I invite all of you to jump in to any of the previous discussions, as I offer a final topic for our last few days together: What Jung called the "connuntio", the union of the masculine and feminine in the psyche…

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Good afternoon, everyone, I woke in the middle of the night and realized I had neglected to mention another whole dimension of the off stage characters in Doorstep. The Numinous ones! Teresa had ecstatic visions with 3 of them, and a 4th, St. Francis of Assisi, she calls on, but receives no answer from. Later she thanks Saint Joseph for saving her and Alma and the Muleteer from the abyss. There are many facets to these numinous entities: 1. Christ - she talks with him in the second scene, as if…

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Good afternoon, everyone. Kevin raised a question during the webinar about the off stage men in the story of ON THE DOORSTEP OF THE CASTLE. This is a really important point. While the story centers on the lives of the two women, the masculine principle is significant in many ways. On the one hand, the old-fashioned image of the dominant, oppressive masculine is symbolized by the Inquisition and the Pope, who both wanted to dominate the feminine principle, inhibit the spread of new ideas, and…

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On page 25 of Doorstep, there is a passage that is from Teresa's own writing, " The Godhead is like a very clear diamond, much larger than the whole world....All we do is seen in this diamond, every facet in the depth of our souls." Even as I write this quote tonight, it gives me chills. The concept of being SEEN in every facet of ourselves, by the Divine, is an awe-inspiring concept. I would love to hear your responses to this quote. If the Divine sees us, can we not see Her? How can this two…

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