Good morning everyone! I am happy to welcome some new members, and to greet those who have been with us from the beginning. In Kevin's wonderful introductory post, he articulated so well the reductionist times we live in, which often seems so barren of soul. Corresponds to the "aridity" Teresa and Alma faced in 16th Century Spain. And yet ....this is the challenge for us as conscious beings in our time on this beautiful planet: how do we walk with the divine each day, as she lives in us, and as we bring her forth into the world? For example, we see examples of soul-motivated action all around us: what Bonnie is doing in creating and nurturing the Alliance. Kevin, I happen to know, is on the board of our Seattle Jung Society and has logged in countless hours bringing amazing speakers to our community. I'm sure each of you contribute in so many conscious, and no doubt unconscious ways. And there are jewels in our larger culture as well. I was so moved and completely delighted in the recent visit of Pope Francis. While I still take issue with some of his rigid positions on not allowing women to be priests or to terminate a pregnancy in their own bodies, I so applaud many of his other ideas, and the warmth and generosity of his soul. In his greeting on the balcony of the Congressional building, he asked everyone to pray for him, then added, "Those of you who do not pray, I ask for your best wishes", He includes the non-believers, and those who see the divine in a broader spiritual context rather than in organized religion. I suspect he understands that nothing is pure. There is paradox and shadow in everything. Another bright spirit in our world today is Malala. When Bonnie asked me in the interview posted on our opening page who I saw as a modern day Teresa, I paused, and she said, "What about Malala?" "Of course!" I cried. While Malala is not overtly spiritual in the way Teresa was, her courage and warrior soul in conquering the Taliban's bullet to  become a world-wide advocate for girls' education, inspires us all. Yesterday her movie opened across the country. I see Teresa and Alma embodying this warrior woman archetype, as they brought the barefoot Carmelite movement to communities across Spain, fighting oppression and male dominance at every turn. And they needed power and politics to do so, even if it put them at odds with each other. Please, those of you who have the book, read on! Ideally, you will all have completed it when we have the first online book club live video/phone conference next Saturday, Oct 17 at 10am Pacific time. I will post some more questions mid-week. Meantime, jump in with your own ideas. I love reading them, and feel a nourishment of the soul from YOU!!

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  • I am deeply moved by the sharing of Linda and Lyn. I can feel the depth of love and connection between you. Technology does create a beautiful pathway for "butterfly" souls to connect. Thank you so much, Linda, for sharing all of the origins of the Christian associations with the cocoon, butterfly image. And how marvelous to hear Carol King's song in my head, and apply it to the divine!

    Thank you both, dear wonderful women,

    much love to you,


  • It seems that, in these times, we all need to find our Inner Warrior Woman, no matter our gender. She may look different or appear differently depending on gender -- I'm guessing she may appear differently in each person -- but she is needed and may be arising.

    I read a wonderful book a few years ago called "Uniting Sex, Self and Spirit" by Genia Pauli Haddon, who combined Chrisianity, Taoism, and human biology to suggest the movement of the ages over 2,000 year time frames. She spoke of the Yin and the Yang of both the Masculine and Feminine -- that each has both a Yin and a Yang expression. What she reflected is that we have been living in the Yang Masculine era, which simplistically put, is a very pointed, linear energy in which goals are seen as outside of ourselves, and a sense of being complete happens when "I" can have what I want, which is outside myself; this is symbolized by the erect penis. She presents that the period of time we are entering is the Yang Feminine, which is symbolized by woman giving birth, where the energy is also pointed and focused on one thing -- to bring the child into the world. (I imagine that women experiencing childbirth are not thinking about a grocery list or the next work or creative project.) The energy is similar to the masculine yang energy but the CONTEXT is very different. For the Yang Feminine, action is happening out of the context of their being: there is a child that she is carrying and it is now time to GIVE BIRTH! All energy focuses on that one task, emerging from within a particular context, and it is a monumental task. In a way, the actions of giving birth are self-contained: the mother is PUSHING to give birth to a child from the wholeness of her physical being, a physical being that is communicating in no uncertain terms that NOW is the time to birth! It is from this deep and integrated connection that action arises, and it seems that this deep connection is what is needed in the world -- a deep connection to ourselves, to others, to our communities, to those non-human beings with whom we share our place in the world, and with the Earth herself. A new orientation is needed, and may be arising. 

    I don't know how clear this is -- I'm trying to distill a sophisticated and compelling model into a few sentences. I guess bottom line is: what does the Warrior Woman have to tell women AND men about how we need to be and to respond to the times and situations in which we now find ourselves? 

    • OCT 20, 2015

      Good morning Everybody – Elizabeth, I truly enjoyed reading your playbook, and together with my other resources regarding St. Theresa of Avila, this is a indeed deepening my present contemplative experience, specifically bringing [together] to light the depth of revolutionary, feminine [Jewish women] mysticism and experiences of being cloistered [with secrets regarding ancestry], devotion and marriage to, in love with Christ Jesus.

      I have recovered from my disappointment regarding the technology utilized for our first webinar with you…I was so excited…not being able to hear you well nor be visually present [barriers for the eyes to see and ears to hear]… trusting my discernment on this matter…moving forward in the here and with you all and simply lifting it all up to God.

      I am so far behind in attempting to respond to your previous discussion, specific questions posed to us to personally share and today, I will take the time and try to scribe what it is that I can share, knowing I am currently enveloped in a truly deep contemplative state and virtually trying my best to find the words to share what this is like for me with all of you…

      What would embodied, feminine love power look like?   These words come to mind…the form of anything that is unmistakeably and tender-heartedly created…love-bound, constant, bears all, loves deeply… unshakeable…across time…like flaming heart-of-hearts [Sacred heart of Jesus, Immaculate heart of Mary], solidified at core bedrock…at or in that place/ space…which for me…is where fire meets ice – the metaphoric imagery gleamed from the geographic fact, stories behind the formations of opals, specifically for me – a pink one [pink present in majority of my NDE’s. – still a mystery]. 

      I notice that I am unable to envision, even imagine feminine warrior or amazon natures…as descriptors for my own sense or sense of the women nearest, dearest, closest to me; who helped define, solidify my core values [moral compass]…my natural woman nature…so many profound changes…Carol King’s song comes to mind/hear - so touched me deeply in my young adult years…

      Prior nicknames [pop culture, my time] acquired by beloved, endearing soul’s in my inner circle, during specific time frames in my life, have been: Suzie homemaker, peaches melba, mama Linda tiger, and lastly rocky mountain woman on sabbatical forever…and those people [departed] and our shared, highly spiritual, experiential time together, remains solid bedrock for me and with God’s mercy... I venture forth into this strange virtual [cyberspace] contemplative sojourn that began on Friday, February 13, 2015...

      Jung’s Individuation Process:  I remain not well studied/versed in Jung’s 20th c views, but have read some of his works, including books concerning the controversy surrounding him.  However, individuating into one’s true sense of self - is so important, otherwise, the human condition could remain dormant…immature, arrested], dependent or co-dependent upon other creatures, hence, limited in functionality, fulfilment… specifically relationally and spiritually [trust/love matters]… blessed [divine – agape] unions necessary for heart + soul communion with God.  

      The reference to silkworm in St. Theresa’s life is rooted in scripture:

      2 Corinthians 5:17 "So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come."

      According to

      ”Christian Butterfly” symbolism has been talked about throughout the ages.

      The butterfly emerging from the chrysalis has traditionally been a symbolism of Christ rising from the tomb.

      The stages of the butterfly - egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly are wonderful analogies to our life as Christians.  The miracle starts with an egg the size of the top of a straight pin.... just as human life starts with a tiny fertilized egg. A few short days later a TINY caterpillar emerges through the shell of the egg...a baby is born.

      The caterpillar stage of eating, eating, eating is symbolic of life on earth...preoccupied so often with the physical and material.

      In the chrysalis stage it appears the caterpillar is lifeless inside the chrysalis...symbolizing death and the darkness of the tomb, an inevitable reality. But, lo, inside of the chrysalis a miracle is taking place...

      The butterfly emerges... symbolic of our souls rising from the grave and ascending into heaven and eternal life.

      The miracle of course is that the egg is transformed into the beautiful leaves no doubt in my mind that there IS a God.

      “Chrysalis” is also a Pre-Christian narrative I was introduced to when I studied addiction counselling [1990]; a handout for people struggling with addictions] – a fabulous creation transformation story to hold onto.

      I personally can relate to being suspended in time, held [walking between worlds], loved and contained deeply within [my core sense-of-self drawings are posted in my photo albums in DPA].  My beloved, departed sister Diane gifted me a small gold butterfly for my necklace when I graduated from nursing.   

      I will try to respond to your amazing post sent yesterday…too much for me to get into today - the diamond and crystal…mirror reflections …OMG … once again…take me away [gone to the song in my heart “Pocket Full of Sunshine”

      Peace + Love Linda  

    • Hi All - patience is a virtue and if we simply trust in the powers to be - all that we need is provided to us...I have been going through my 50+ years of work materials, and low and behold - Chrysalis appeared which I was unable to locate during our book club experienced, but here it is now!  So, thought I would share it with you all...better late than never:


      Like the butterfly, we find

      We can no longer stay behind

      Self made walls of


      We struggle to be free.

      Breaking the bonds of self will we see,

      To soar in a new


      If we truly love the butterfly, we must care for the caterpillar.

      Before this great change comes about, we can identify with this

      forlorn creature; in spirit we were crawling instead of soaring.

      withdrawing from the world of addiction to hide in a cocoon.

      Time passed.  Somehow we heard of the program, a tiny crack

      in our shell.  Hope timidly appeared.  After a few meetings,

      the hard cocoon shell began to crack – we came out into a new

      way of life, and a wonderful world where we absorbed the warmth

      of fellowship and understanding from our new found friends.  As we

      emerged from the depths of despair into this great family of loving

      people, we tried to learn how to give this message to others still

      suffering and sick.  Like the butterfly, we try to leave with each

      one some of what others have given to us so that they may reach

      for their new way of life.


      Long before the birth of Christ, the butterfly was a symbol of

      resurrection and eternal life.  Most of us feel that in the program,

      we have found a new life indeed – and the butterfly is a visual aid

      to remind us that we no longer think, for or act as we once did.  We

      were trapped in a cocoon of darkness, and have wrestled our way

      into the sunlight.  The butterfly denotes both gaiety and happiness –

      chasing after  them is fruitless for like the butterfly, the flit away.

      But if we become still, and at one with God, sometimes one will light

      upon our shoulder.  We all need time to be quiet, time to cultivate

      precious friendships, time to read or listen to God, or time just to sit and

      watch the changing shadows and savour the beauty of God’s world.

      By doing these things we cultivate a resilience of spirit.


      The butterfly is on earth a very short time, but it spends its time

      Flying from flower to flower, taking pollen from one and giving to the

      other, making sure that each shares life with the other, and seeking

      to the make the world more beautiful after it is gone, than when it came.

      That is what you and I are trying to do.

      Author Unknwn

      If anyone knows the author of this source, I would love to give credit to whom it is due!

      Have a lovely weekend.  Peace + Love Linda

    • Oh my gosh - I just took a break from writing and found your earlier post with the singing children - lovely. Then I see your new post and listen to the Carol King song. I was obsessed with Carol King in high school. This is the first time I consciously heard this song as a song to the divine. Thank you. And then I read your description of butterflies. I am sitting in the library working on a paper about butterfly migration and alchemy. Many blessings to you Linda.

    • OMG Lynn - just how serendipitous...all that is transpiring between us here...I am so grateful...awestruck that you led me, connecting me with my birthday saint, St. John Eudes.   So special for the child of God in me [my dearly beloved, departed Mom would have loved to have known this in her living years].  To learn of his devotion to the Hearts of Mary + Jesus!  I inherited her wall photos of both of them [with the iconic symbolism of St. Eudes vision].  

      Your sharing has touched me so deeply.  Wishing you many blessings too, my new found DPA friend, fellow sojourner.  Have a fabulous evening...Peace + Love Linda 

  • Good evening Everyone - a friend who sends me inspirational items she finds on the www, sent me this gem that brought tears to my eyes, touched me deeply and opened my heart:

    An example of amazing grace to close our Canadian Thanksgiving.
    There is so much beauty and so much to be grateful for!  I am humbled.
    Peace + Love Linda
    • Thank you, Linda. There is so much beauty and soul in the world and in ourselves. Bless you for sharing your heart, soul, and self with us.

    • Good + almost high on, Elizabeth and it is I who needs to thank Bonnie + you...for the provision of time and space for us to all share...and today is another 9 month cycle...lived...not knowing what it was truly all about...God's business, however, this time...I will share my deepest words, thoughts + feelings with song for it truly has been and continues to be - a totally unbelievable feast...

      I sure do hope my book arrives before the Webinar...just noticing it is taking so long to arrive...must be pony express :)

      I was unable to upload the 17 minute audio note I made for here...can I email the file to you and then, maybe if you choose - you can post or keep??? 

      Have a beautiful day...I am...Peace + Love Linda

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