• September 24/15: This is what I said as soon as you posted your video:

    Good morning Elizabeth - this is the second time I am watching this dance prolog and opening scene...the music score [the strings!] resonates deeply within her gestures/movements and me silently, soulfully revealing!

    Choice words that stuck a chord deep within me: do I dare write what my Father whispered to me...I find myself entering my ... with great hunger...who's listening...face distort in pain, yet through your eyes, a scene far behind...stuck me to the core...harshly the world has dealt with me + my family...their only concern love...the almond trees are in bloom...dearest your here...I do leap to the tragic...fight for her...take off my shoes...

    I can hardly wait for our 1st book club reading with you and registered community members, in the horizon.  Thanks for this offering; my prayers to visit mystic women lives have been answered.  Peace + Love Linda

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