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Hi everyone,

Please take a moment to add a sentence or two about yourself and/or what brings you here. What, for example, attracted you to this particular book or topic?

For me, I have had a small handful of very numinous experiences in my adult life that I can identify as profoundly transformational—moments of grace perhaps. I am deeply intrigued by the historical character of Teresa of Avila, and her relationship with the Divine—clearly an archetypal numinous force was at work in her life.

What was happening for her, I wonder, and how are those glimpses I get of a similar manifestation of the archetypal Divine connected? Was she channeling something? Attracting something? Living her everyday life with one foot in another realm of sorts—or did she only get rare glimpses of it herself?

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    • Linda, I am deeply nourished by the images and thoughtful text you have shared. My cup runneth over! Thank you!! I love some many comments -- Holiness is the wholehearted openness to the love of God.....

      Thank you, and bless you, for all you are, and all you share.

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    Hi All:

    My name is Alan.  I'm here because, like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to her and her mystical prowess.  I've had a chance to become somewhat acquainted with other Mystics, like Meister Eckhart, Julian of Norwich, John of the Cross and others.  But Teresa and the Carmelite movement has always intrigued me.  I need to read her writings also.  Can anyone recommend where to start?  I suppose Elizabeth's book is a good place to begin.  But I'd like to come to know this saint through her own writings.

    As for me, I hesitate to say I've had any definitive numinous experiences.  Although I've lived through three NDE's hang gliding and scuba diving, and they might have had some of the qualities.  And I have a vague memory of an amazing experience at the age of 5 years old.  But sadly it is but a mere foggy recollection at best.

    I'd love to hear more form others of their experiences.  What an honour that would be!

    • Hi All, I am moved by your questions and sharing. Linda, I understand the issue of language - "collective unconscious" is a Jungian term that for me can also be translated as the "Universal mind", or the Sufi "Unity of Being", or in Christian terms, God's love which holds us all. I hope each of you can translate what seems meaningful to you.

      Alan, in the back of the book of Doorstep are notes which refer to some of Teresa's own writings, in the passages quoted in the play. THE INTERIOR CASTLE, and THE LIFE OF TERESA OF JESUS. These are amazing works that, in Jungian terms are a stream of consciousness or active imagination on her relationship with the divine.

      On Bonnie's comment earlier about the conference she went to where they discussed the "drying" of the planet and corresponding "drying" of the soul. I think that we do live in a time in our evolution as humans that is replete with a violence to the soul and body, even as our planet dries. One of my reasons for choosing the time period of the Spanish Inquisition, is that Teresa and Alma also lived in brutal, political, barren times. Soul's response to this is varied, but in the end, what Jung called "individuation" offers the best road for me to make sense of my own inner life and the times we are living in. We must nourish our soul in spite of -- or because of -- the broken parts of the world around us. Teresa and Alma are roles models for us in this. They did not stay behind cloistered walls, but stepped out into the country, out among the people, and created the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites. This in spite of scrutiny from the Pope, the Inquisition, and the patriarchy of the day. They looked at the context of their lives and society and acted from conscience, soul, and character to penetrate the darkness around them. In what ways can each of us do that -- not moving mountains, but looking around us, here, now, and asking, "What then can I do?"


    You know me fairly well by now since I joined DPA 3 years ago with the hopes of being able to have discussions with people regarding numinous experiences, joined that group and here we are Some of you are aware, I am currently on a virtual hermitage [whatever that means if unfolding], reading about the lives of mystic women: a few in my family background, plus 5 mystic women – Theresa of Avila is one of them.

    I still struggle with some DPA words like “archetypal” and above “channeling” when it comes to discussions regarding God Almighty, discerning of spirits and Agape/divine love].  Ah yes, Man, Myth + Magic - studied a series by that name during my PhD.  I’m simply very sensitive - now.  Peace + Love Linda

    PS - I sure do hope Sister Helen Provost joins us in here!  Has anyone invited her?

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