Today we kick start the Depth Psychology Alliance book club look into Isis Code : Revelations from Brain Research and Systems Science on the Search for Human Perfection and Happiness.

Hi everyone, my name is Ariane Page and I am the author of this book. I will be your host this month.  Together, depending on your questions and reactions , we will shed a light on  some aspects of this book.  I say some aspects because at 600 pages, it covers a whole system which, itself, covers all aspects of human life. A little bit daunting for a short month! Isn't it.

You will have to keep in mind that I am French, therefore my impulsive English writing isn't perfect and I must right away apologize for this.

This book took three full time years to write since I had to look into all the newest brain research results to see if the thousands year old system I refer to is in harmony with these results. And it is.

What does this means for us?  It reveals that the greatest Traditions of humanity, through their texts have intuitively expressed this system therefore , reading these sacred texts puts us in contact with the expression of a balanced system- in fact, the mandate of these texts was similar and exactly that-.

In Isis Code, I use three examples throughout the book: the legend of Isis and Osiris of Egypt, the Five Books of Moses and the Tao. Those three Traditions cover both Eastern and Western Traditions and are built on the same system.

To get back to the physical book itself, it is also offered in a ebook formal through amazon and google as well as other. We will not cover the different chapters as a month is too short for this to be done properly.  However, I can certainly answer your questions.  The first part of the book, including Chapter 1 and 2 sets the system into our actual vision of the world and introduces the two polarities ( feminine and masculine) as well as the system itself.  The following chapters take us on a journey through different aspects of our brain which are attached to different worlds.  I have named these in consideration of the world they are attached to and of the physical structures they control. Hence, for example, the Reptilian brain introduces us to the dimension of space- the what and where level, the physical world and associated to the masculine polarity. We find here structures associated to the R-complex brain system.  At the beginning of each chapter you will find all the correspondences with each brain aspects which really are little brains in themselves.  The sum of all of these gives us the LIFE biosystem (Law Inherent to the Five Elements) which is another name really for Isis Code.

I suggest that this book be read little by little from one chapter to the other and this for a simple reason.  It was written in the fashion of the sacred texts of old. The aim therefore is not to give intellectual knowledge to the readers, although it also does that- but to serve as an expression of the system, balanced.  What does this do to the reader? It puts all the pieces together in a harmonious whole.  Indeed, we all are like Osiris: we have been cut in pieces (physical, emotional, symbolic/ analytic(mental), social) but true  health can only be attained through theses pieces rejoining and working together, in harmony . In the legend it is Isis and Isis only who can recover all the pieces and put them together.  This is what happens when we read this book.  Unconsciously, our inner Isis puts together the pieces. The dreams we might have during the process are a way to verify this. So, I suggest that this book be read a little amount of pages at a time and that dreams occurring during this period be written down. 

In this first day, I wish to bring our attention to the question we all ask when we meet someone new and wish to define who this person is:  "What do you do in life?" We all answer the same way with what we do to generate money for us and our loved ones. In fact it becomes the following equation: who we believe we are/ what society offered us= what we do which eventually becomes who we are. If the society we are in has no opportunity to offer us than who we are becomes very reductive and problems arise because humans are more than a what.. Any reaction on this? 

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  • Illustrates the problem with compartmentalizing. We need to express who we are, not what we do. If we are, for example, an artist, and can't find opportunities to express it in a way that serves as well as provides income then we are forced to conform the shape of ourselves into places we don't naturally fit.
    • Well said Kelly.  As a group, through the choices we made we did exactly that. The problem is now that we are "stuck" at a level and cannot go forward. On the brain level, we go through different cycles (grossly of 7 years each) in which some brain structures mature. When a phase is ignored or undermined , it is the whole system which can't find its expression.  Do this on a large scale and you are faced with endemic problems. The fact though that we can understand the system and the phases necessary to its health could help us regain control if people get educated on this level. Did anyone here,  or people around you had "to conform the shape of themselves into places they didn't naturally fit?"

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