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  • Somewhere between the readings about Zombies & Earthrise, I remembered how many dreams I’ve been having of zombies.  And, indeed, I’ve become pretty zombie-like in waking life too.   Undead, but driven.  Pushing through 60 hour work weeks controlled by the belief that this will somehow prove my worth (and distract me from going down into my own depths?).  Now it seems it has all led to a full-blown clinical depression.    What the Zombie article says about institutions either modifying their core missions & practices or self-destructing seems applicable on a personal level too.  

     In Anne Baring’s talk (from Synchronicity Conference) she talked about how the feminine can speak to us thru illnesses & afflictions and at some point she also showed an Earthrise image (different than the original).  Question I guess is whether I/we will listen to the feminine & move toward Earthrise (Gaia) or collapse into self-destruction.

     The initiation archetype is also a good one to keep in mind.   It is a way to hold the descent that we need to go through personally & collectively in a container of death and rebirth.   I sure hope I’m listening to myself & will remember this. :-)

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Final Proposal

In looking at the prompt for this project, the first thing that pops into my mind is the Gill Tract Community Farm. My involvement with the farm has been mythologically inspired since the day I discovered it. In early August, I received the book Ecotherapy” in the mail, and instantly dug into it, reading through multiple essays in one sitting. Without planning it out, I was wearing my Green Man shirt that day, and then a few hours later discovered the Gill Tract Community Farm while riding on…

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Final Paper: Avalokiteshvara and the trauma survivor

Once there was, and once there was not, a great being who used his life force to help others.  It was his mission to bring bliss and freedom to all beings, and he worked tirelessly in giving blessings forth in this pursuit.  His name was Avalokiteshvara, meaning “Lord who looks down.”   Avalokiteshvara spent himself granting mercies to all people who asked, bringing illumination and peace where needed, even rescuing the demons out of hell itself.  His determination to bring peace and unity was…

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Final paper

Hello everyone, I have really enjoyed this course -- it was exactly what I wanted and needed.  I look forward to the next, time permitting. Will there be a Surveymonkey of some kind to provide feedback?  Perhaps old habits die hard, since I'm accustomed to evaluating all of my college courses. Please find attached my proposal.  It's a bit rough and not as mythological as I would have liked.  I think I explain why in the paper itself.  At least I hope so. Many thanks to all. Warmly, -Vicky Jo…

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