Draft-final proposal for course

Hi all,

I've attached my draft/final proposal and I'm happy to have your thoughts and feedback. I am already partially carrying out the proposal, although I am several steps away from getting to the storytelling and mythology part. I feel that I would like to much more about mythology and learn many more myths. If you have recommendations of books or papers, compendia of mythologies, or histories of societies and their stories, I would be very happy to read them.

I am also open to communicating and collaborating in the future, so please, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in discussing or creating practical applications for this important work we are doing to illuminate our shortcomings and potentials through narratives and world views.

To best get my attention, write to williamsondouglas@yahoo.com

I thank you all again for your engagement and sharing during this course and I hope we will have the chance to work or learn together again someday.


DFWilliamson Mythology Certificate Proposal.docx

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  • Hi Douglas,

    I agree with Shana - your paper and the work you are doing is very inspiring - I have appreciated your comments as well during the webinars - Thank you.  

    • Thanks, Michael! I have appreciated your participation and engagement as well!

  • Hi Douglas,  

    Just finishished reading your proposal & it's really inspiring!    Glad to know you are going to be doing the group work & will be curious to see what you all discover as you move along with the process. 

    Not sure why I'm thinking of this, but wonder if you are familiar with the work of Thomas Berry & Brian Swimme on the New Story?    Craig mentioned them in one of the webinars.   If not, you might want to check out their books or the many You Tube videos.    Here are a couple of them:

    The Awakening Universe  http://dotsub.com/view/c54f7510-ab3d-4ee0-9d87-b6257f1fa233

    The New Story  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRykk_0ovI0

    Also, want to say how much I've enjoyed (and learned from) your comments & posts thoughout the course!  


    Best of luck & hope you will be joining Level 2 when that starts. 



    • Hi Shana,

      Thanks for the feedback and recommendations. I work quite closely with Berry and Swimme's ideas at the Earth Charter. I hope I'll be able to join the next one too and share and learn more with you.

      Big hugs!


  • I like your paper, Douglas!

    And am especially interested in following your progress with your group work.

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