Lecture 15 - Red Book Study Group

So here (at the Three Prophecies) Soul begins to “dive” into the underworld on purpose, intentionally.

This makes me think of dream incubation, where we intentionally plant a “seed” through embodied imagination in order to bring forth from the “unconscious” dreams connected to the “seed”.  (here is a link to a description of the process of dream incubation using Embodied Imagination by someone who experienced Robbie’s work.  I think it is pretty good. http://psychotherapist-nyc.blogspot.com/2011/06/psychotherapy-dream-incubation-planting.html)

Of course when we do this we don’t know what will come up (if anything!) from the Depths.

I experienced this last week after using a composite I had worked with Janet o, and then I had a dream where I was in a flowing river with a friend where I could feel the current and my friend left to go to the bathroom.

While I was alone in the river all of a sudden I felt a hand grab my arm from under the water!!  it was terrifying!  I tried to call for help from my friend but I could only groan the word help.  I kept trying and then woke up.  I immediately realized it was something from the Deep and should probably see what it wanted from me but I couldn’t get back into the dream.  I am planning on working it with Embodied Imagination.

This dream made me think of when Robbie said that children experience both “good” and “dark” magic because I had recurring night terrors for years (dark magic?) not unlike the feeling in the dream of the river.

This dream also reminded me of the section of The Gift of Magic and the absence of solace and being alone with the dark magic.  

And the question comes up, what is it like to live without solace (received or given)?  Be in this aloneness of the world of the solitary creator God.

It makes me think of lately when I am torn about what to do about school, my life and I have the urge to “go home to Mom”, or run to her when I have the nightmare (but my parents are dead.)  And I don’t have a boyfriend/partner to receive solace from, and not even a direct connection to Spirit to console me, to tell me”everything will be OK”.  

 .... Actually when I begin to accept this state I begin to experience a sense of empowerment, of a strange kind of peace with my world.

Maybe I am beginning to move beyond the phase of “God is Good”  = acceptance of all - misery of War, darkness of magic, gift of religion)

And then of course there is the “modesty” of the small garden, the “modesty” of the tiny red drop in picture 125, the depth of Soul’s explanation of magic, and the voice of the solitary.  So much!!

Bon Voyage Janet!!

I am graduating this weekend!!

What is coming up from the Depths for you?


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  • Hi Chris - I was reminded of my undergraduate degree process and stumbling upon "The Magical Child Within," a small booklet publication by Athabasca University, wrote a poem "Silence For My Child" which I used to hand out to clients engaged in inner child and healing of the family tree work with me.  I was always amazed at the poetry that flowed out of their inner child states and they were also amazed at mine.  We would read each others pieces of poetry and then, find a safe time/place [the metaphor was an imaginary teeter- totter], middle zone and united front of our child core states where they might begin to connect and perhaps speak their truth to the kid inside me.

    Perhaps this is a good place/time for me to share my poem for I have referred to that sense of a gift of innocence that remains alive and well within me, and my gift of innocence as I have been informed and in accordance with Jungian psychology - is a problem.  For the past year, I have tried, but am unable to plant this seed inside me to see what it would incubate.  My small garden is happy with its seeds.  Here is Silence For My Child which I penned in 1988:

    In silence, my child is protected.

    I am back by the sea.

    Fully aware - nurturing my essence,

    My child - innocent and free. 

    In silence, I have a chance to reflect.

    In myself, my life - needs and dreams.

    I alone am responsible for any neglect

    And 'tears of joy' are mine for what I see.

    My journey, feels good as I walk.

    Connect with other's, eye's meet - maybe talk.

    There is both a calm and passion inside.

    I truly feel fully in love and alive.


    Aha Proverb:  Children see and feel the presence of love.  Peace + love Linda

  • Good afternoon Ric - the author of this poem is Margaret Fishback Powers penned during a Thanksgiving weekend in 1964 at Echo Lake Youth Camp in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, was inspired by Paul's wedding proposal flowing which scenes of her past flashed before her, she sensed the Lord touching and healing her and the poem was the answer she needed and the answer she would give to Paul!

    What an amazing true story behind the poem that has inspired millions.  A great example of embodied imagination!  Peace + love Linda 

  • Good afternoon Chris - congratulations on your graduation!  Hope Janet has a wonderful inner sanctum experience in Santa Barbara, such a beautiful place I got to see/be in for 2 weeks in the early 1990's.

    What comes up for me from the depths - concerning a prophetic experience is one moment, during my healing journey, where time stood still (timeless space) and I felt absolutely free, light-hearted and peaceful .  For me, this time zero state remains my unforgettable - soul high - a dream place that came true within me, my solitary place, utilizing SRT.

    Your link to embodied imagination took me to a therapists web-page with her photo which was not where you wanted us to go, so I went into Google and Wikipedia has a great definition of embodied imagination.  Regards Linda


  • of course the best source of information on dream incubation is Robbie!  Especially in Chapter 10 of his book Embodiment - Creative Imagination in Medicine, Art and Travel.

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