WHAT: Consists of 20 pre-recorded lectures of 1.5 hours each; an 90+-page study guide created by Robert 's colleague, Jill Fischer; This written online discussion forum runs 40 weeks. (Note: The audio course was originally developed, produced and recorded by Cyberdreamwork.com)

WHO: Anyone who is interested in Jung's Red Book. Facilitators: Robert Bosnak, Janet Fortess Chris Doggett


>>>This Special Study Group is an open written discussion forum based on following the pre-recorded 40-hour audio course* with Robert available from Jung Platform.

This is a central place to which you can come post questions or comments about designated module you listened to for the 2-week period interact with others who are doing same thing. As such, there is no set "time" it occurs, but rather is ongoing so you can post or respond at your convenience. Janet Fortess Chris Doggett, colleagues of Robert will be on hand to facilitate the discussion.

*If you're not following the audio course, you're still welcome to engage here--though of course you'll likely get far more out of process if you are able to listen to course 


1. Listen to an interview with Robert on Shrink Rap Radio with host Dr. David Van Nuys to help you get to know Robert better

2. Get your copy of this in- audio course from PlatformListen to 1 of  20 lectures (approx 1.5 hours each) every two weeks. In each lecture Robert addresses a few pages from Red Book. You can read along in your copy. 
This course comes with an 90+-page study guide designed by Robert's colleague, Jill Fischer, which contains a synopsis of each lecture. After each session, there are questions to test your understanding. After finishing the 40-week course & tests, you get a CE certificate a Certificate of Completion from Platform University.

(Cost FULL COURSE: Lectures 1-20 + 30 CEs + Synopsis / Study Guide - $99). (Alliance members get additional 25% off using code "DEPTH"). The course may also be purchased in two individual parts.

3. Join online discussion forum in Psychology online community (HERE!) where everyone who follows audio course from Jung Platform can meet up to discuss each section. This forum is facilitated by Janet Fortess and Chris Doggett who have been trained in Embodied Imagination with Robert for 3 years and Robert is checking in as well.


Robert Bosnak , PsyA, is a Jungian psychoanalyst who graduated from C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 1977. Since then he has been in private practice in the the U.S. and Australia. Robert founded the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary and developed a method of working with dreams called Embodied Imagination. He has also written several books, including the worldwide bestseller ‘A Little Course In Dreams’.

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Lecture 20 of the Red Book Study Group!!

Well everybody, here we are at the end of the Red Book, at the end of our journey together, but, as we "know", "Love never ends!"! I haven't reviewed lecture 20 yet so I give you this open page to begin your reflections on the End. Your refections on the beginning, on the journey, on how your relationship with Jung, Robbie, each other, your selves has moved and changed. What have you to come to unknow?What does your depths mean to you now?Looking forward to 82 answers to these questions!!…

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Lecture 19- The Red Book Study Group

As we are coming to the close of Book 2 of the Red Book we enter into the nature of Love. How to BE in love. How to BE in the world. How to hold both the seething life of ferment and the life of eternity. How to begin to take on our innate form, our destiny - NOT the hero.Bear our own burden. In between us can be Love, we can be penetrated by Love. Relationship, not ownership. “Give me out of your fullness, not your longing.” The answer, the inscription on the Crown,“Love never ends.” What…

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Lecture 18 The Red Book Study Group

Quite a lively discussion on lecture 17! Quite involved and a little hard for me to follow the connection with the material in Lecture 17 at times. Here we are at Lecture 18, so let's reel ourselves back to specific discussion of the material in Robbie and Jung's Red Book. Any references to other sources please clue us all in to how it relates to the material at hand. This s just a quick message to open lecture 18, the magical Cabiri!! Busy with school so will post something this week. I'll let…

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Lecture 17 - The Red Book Study Group

So we continue with Jung’s journey after his meeting with Philemon and learning of Magic. Again, one of the ways to encounter Magic is to pay attention to the forces we do not understand, forces that we may be dis-identified with.  Other.  Dream images, especially distonic ones. And then “I”  (Jung or habitual consciousness) meets the serpent/his soul/the connection with the depths-the origins. And here we find that I uses Magic, the enchanting flute, the flattery of “ my sister, my soul ...”…

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