Lecture 20 of the Red Book Study Group!!

Well everybody, here we are at the end of the Red Book, at the end of our journey together, but, as we "know", "Love never ends!"!

I haven't reviewed lecture 20 yet so I give you this open page to begin your reflections on the End. Your refections on the beginning, on the journey, on how your relationship with Jung, Robbie, each other, your selves has moved and changed. What have you to come to unknow?
What does your depths mean to you now?
Looking forward to 82 answers to these questions!!

Eleven official more days of this forum!!

Will post more about lecture 20 and farewells.



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  • Thank you all who participated in this experience of The Red Book and Robert Bosnak over these ten months.  I want to especially acknowledge Linda, Ric and Alexsandar for their consistant and thoughtful participation.  And of course Janet and Robbie!

    With all the intriguing, magical, scary, confusing -  parables, experiences, fairytales, dreams and visions of The Red Book, what has settled into my experience is a new understanding of being in this world, in the body.  Rather than my quest for enlightenment, for unity consciousness, feeling good and happy and at peace as a goal; I am beginning to appreciate the "ferment" of this world, the roller coaster ride / the tension between the depths and the heights.  It is actually allowing me to be more in this world while at the same time continuing the quest for magic and mystery and a "realm beyond nature".  It is also allowing for a stronger participation and comminttment to this world, a more powerful reason to be here.  For me the idea that "Love Never Ends" (as in my understanding that there is no final goal to reach),  really allows me to actually relax a bit, settle, get to work and enjoy the ride!

    I am very much looking forward to the great journey with Robbie into Alchemy.  I have experienced some of his insights in the Embodied Imagination training where we workd with some of Hillman's Alchemy and it was thrilling for me.  Hope to see some of you there.

    Much unending love to all,


  • I’ve compiled here comments written by Linda and me on a DPA member Evan Hanks’ blog. Since he saw it as a personal communication very, very loosely talking about his blog (they were more about these lectures, even though someone might disagree even with this notion). It’s not particularly difficult to differentiate where Linda ends and I begin. I like how it looks like, so I’m posting it here. I hope Linda doesn’t mind. By the way, I would really like to have Linda’s resume (or an interesting link or something like that) here or in my inbox.

    Hi Evan - love your post which in alignment with the place we are at within TRB Lectures, so as I am actively participating there and Jung is sharing his learning on evil; I hope you will join us for the remaining 3 lectures - 6 weeks and it appears to me, that there is a change in the collective conscious for the people, who live in democratic societies, plus the global community are being made aware of critical natural and man-made disasters in the midst of it all.

    Now all we have to do if figure out global ways of protecting the innocents from bullies and dictators in cyberspace for only the gods/God knows we haven't achieved this on earth and why is that!  We lost the fact that children are innocent and incapable of giving consent until legal age.

    I especially pray that the keepers of secrets, especially those that so deeply affect our spiritual freedoms, construct of God and guiding principle of free will/faith practice, minus that one prohibition you so finely covered concerning forbidden fruit; that those words, thought forms and processes transcribed into doctrine in the form of books/creeds/laws that are given to the masses, supposed representations of historical "truth" - ought to be so. 

    If we do not get the "whole truth" out about historical facts that are now known as disclosed in secret and powerful circles, such as:  the total findings of the Dead Sea Scrolls secondary to finding the Rosetta Stone and ability to transcribe ancient time meanings, such as what is the truth about who's face is on the Shroud of Turin and why are we not bringing those scrolls of Jesus - OUT - so we can put, at a minimum, that truth out there for way too many have been killed over these secrets.

    It ought not take hundreds of years anymore for the truth to be brought to light, general public attention, now that we have instant global communication abilities, so perhaps, the secret deception, abnormal power/control dynamic is being busted as we speak?

    I pray and hope so for that would go a long way towards cleaning us our ancestors historical secrets, elevate the etheric towards spiritual freedom, minus the premature taking from the fruit of the tree of knowledge, for their are other ways God has to give gifts of wisdom, and He did give us free will - choice of whom/whose teachings we follow, however, along with individual choice comes responsibility and adherence to the laws of the land within secular, democratic societies that are multicultural in formation = tolerance for choice and difference.

    Separating religion from state is always a good idea concerning governance and this great ideal does not keep me from my deep-seated and well earned faith.

    There is a huge difference on comprehension of the 'literal' and the 'figurative' interpretations and experiences surrounding the numinous, especially BREATH - near-death, death, resurrection and eternal life constructs into beliefs and we better get our theologies, philosophies and any other 'osophies' we can imagine STRAIGHT soon for our very special, etheric embodiment of breath can be artificially manufactured, delivered and we can be maintained for a long time now on advanced life support which used to be His exclusive business - the first and final breath.  We are loosing the sacredness of the meaning of life.

    How can you tell 'this girl is on conscious fire.' thanks for letting me vent here.  Peace + love Linda

    Good afternoon Aleksandar - I really enjoyed reading your article for and your "Implications of An Altered Worldview."  As we progress with advancements in medical technologies that stretch the bounds/limits of the life/death trajectories - the helping professions need to have a mindset that can listen to these types of narratives as these beings are 6th sense aware highly self-reflective with a gratitude, not of this world.

    I printed off a copy of your article to focus and enable me to jot down some comments.  I also have cut out the Research Projects from my Resume into pdf  and can attach if interested or not - let me know.

    Hope you are having a great day. 

    Of interest, I had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Gary Margrave from the University of Calgary (maybe you have heard of him), who's interest in earth wave forms (formulations/computations), and my interest in thought forms - took us to an interesting place - conceptualizing MOT way back in 1991.  Regards Linda

    Hello Linda,

    Attach that resume if you want to.

    I’ve chosen a journal that sort of covers that field. I didn’t want to send it to some journal focused on bioenergy or parapsychology (there are out there also journals with very loose understanding of peer-review and credibility) because it’s not about bioenergy or parapsychology. On the other hand, does 8 months of silence (even when I ask them what’s going on) mean that it’s rejected?

    That “article” isn’t a result of any efforts to gather information. If it really is accurate and coherent, then it’s more intelligent than me. You have witnessed a reconstruction of the process and questioned my sanity more than once. I don’t want to sound mystical, but I really feel it like a foreign body, like something that is just there and no one wants it (or even disagrees with it). That’s why I’ve chosen not to push it too hard (Aristotle would have come much earlier into my focus if I had consciously tried to develop that idea) and rather be involved in something else, but still welcoming surprises. If surprises don’t happen, that’s because I don’t need them and that’s it.”

  • There really isn’t anything to hide. That blog is just my way to set a deadline after which I'll start thinking and behaving differently (and finish that blog). The rough idea of that unpublished “article” is very old. While I was discussing about it (something that, if correct, already looks big) with other people, I was out of nowhere aware of two books (a novel and collected conversations – the conversations writer (much more explicit about the prophecy as a real thing and an author of more similar books (revealing more details in each after I had made a decision)) is ignoring me, just like a woman (a scientist with a PhD) mentioned in his books). They contain discussions about the nature of time and consciousness in it and also a prophecy about one man (a male person) who will indirectly and as a regular person (share the name with the first emperor, but drop the crown) do something important. You know: activism and stuff like that. Not much later I saw the film Pi telling a story of someone who sees patterns in nature and who is capable (from a position of a common person) of big things.

    Yes, I have tried to play with social networking within two social networks that don’t exist anymore (even though that author who claims that the prophecy is real says that social networking actually is a part of the process). Their design helped me a lot to find and read (and think about them) things that I would have never found and read on my own. I collected many obscure ideas and concepts and it actually makes sense to finish this phase (stop talking about it and thinking what it all means (and whether it means anything at all)) and enter the next phase (whatever it is) without thinking what I should have done (perhaps every failure at planning was just another opportunity to experience something and move on), but didn’t.

    The title of “V for Vendetta” is inspired by “V for victory” (a peace sign).

    • Hello Aleksandar - I have seen the movie, and as a female elder, my young adult years was surrounded by the 60's "flower power" movement, and at that time - V was symbolic for give peace a chance.  Peace be with you.  Regards Linda 

  • Oops Ric - I saw it was 8 sided and meant to say Octagon, but my Freudian slip of hexagon came from down under.  Thanks.  Peace + love Linda

  • “When I speak about emerging interest groups and their preparation, I am not speaking of action groups, or of a church, or of new kinds of experts. I am above all not speaking about one political party which could assume power at a moment of crisis. Management of the crisis would make catastrophe irreversible.” – Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality (available online on many places such as this one: http://www.mom.arq.ufmg.br/mom/arq_interface/3a_aula/illich_tools_f...)


    So, what is actually Ivan Illich talking about in that quote? About hints and hunches as an alternative to control? About individual humans (I guess similar to ants) who have very little understanding of the situation, but still do the right thing at the right moment? About emergence (different from conscious design, creation, and control) of something new? About efficiency through six degrees of separation (without any knowledge about what is happening and what will be happening at the sixth degree)? About improvisation? About horizontal rather than vertical efficiency (to “reveal” some details of that prophecy)?


    When I sound (a written text doesn’t have any sound, but still) mysterious, that is exactly the moment I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about (including the rest of this paragraph). There is nothing that should be revealed that I’m aware of (I am a politically “active” electrical engineer interested in renewable energy from Serbia, but there is nothing particularly interesting in this fact). What I am talking about is a compilation of other people’s ideas which fit in rather than overlap or exclude each other. When smart people start talking about networks, interactions, and changes instead about things and status quo, they tend to, regardless of their background, use a similar language and come to similar conclusions. When I admit that I don’t understand it, it means that I can’t catch and comprehend in a single moment the space between things and objects (especially if they are changing or about to change).


    http://www.metanexus.net/archive/conference2009/articles/Default-id...From Stephen Hawking's Flexiverse to Synchronicity: Intimations of Our Transhuman Future” by Christopher Jargodzki


    http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1467-9973.2006.00424.x... “Shaping Your Own Life” by Jeanne Peijnenburg (the abstract available to non-members)

  • I don't want to end without thanking Chris and Janet profoundly for all the work they have done to make this forum possible. Event though many people followed it silently, the enthusiasm our two forum leaders have for the work is inspiring. I'm sure it was felt by many.

    Thank you

    Robert Bosnak

    • As we come to the end of the Red Book Forum on the Depth Psychology Alliance, I feel like I’ve been a passenger in a car who drifts in and out of full attention to the road and at intervals looks up and blurts: “ Watch out!” or “Did you see that !”  Gratitude to Robbie, the driver. I’ve experienced rich moments of potent impact, synchronicity and resonance with my life.  This is particularly true right now as I continue to track the work I did at the August Malinalco Healing Sanctuary with Robbie and other gifted staff.  As I listen to the final Red Book lectures, I want to honor my own explorations of the deep and the journeys I take in and out of the underworld.  And acknowledge those of you have posted (or inwardly pondered) something of the shape and meaning of your own journey alongside Jung’s--struggles to redefine our God, to understand such vast words as mind, soul, creative imagination, consciousness.

      It's been a pleasure to share this undertaking with Chris.

  • Dear everyone

    This is as far as we got this time. My journey trough the Red Book has brought up many new thoughts as you might have gathered. I am grateful that so many people listed to it. Now I am concentrating on alchemy. I will be starting an online course called Embodying James Hillman's Alchemical Psychology presented by The Jung Platform (jungplatform.com).

    James Hillman was a past master of alchemical psychology. This field uses metaphors derived from ancient alchemy to elucidate deep structures in the creative imagination. Creative processes are not random. Imagination embodies along lines that become apparent when we ponder the frequently incomprehensible images of alchemy. James Hillman was my the primary training analyst. By studying alchemical psychology we come to understand ourselves and other humans in surprising ways that frequently diverge sharply from the habitual understanding we have unconsciously absorbed from the cultures that raised us. It creates unexpected new vitality and wonder.

    The course will follow the teachings of Hillman as he collected it in his final and one of his most profound books Alchemical Psychology. This book covers a lifetime of studies and is very difficult to read by someone who is not steeped deeply in alchemy, the work of C.G. Jung and James Hillman. I have studied alchemy and these thinkers for well over 40 years. It feels the time is ripe to investigate these interests more deeply and in public

    In the course of between 30 and 40 sessions we will go through the book Alchemical Psychology page by page, and frequently line by line, to drop between the lines into the great mystery itself. For those who have tasted these mysteries, there is no way back. One is haunted by them for life. It was so with Jung, with Hillman and with me, and it will happen to you if you’re open to it.

    I hope to see you there as the journey continues.

    Till we meet again.

    Warm regards



    • Robert--I just wanted to add my huge thanks for your contribution to this study group via the audio course, as well as your comments and insights along the way. I hope everyone here will consider continuing the journey with you via the course on Alchemical Psychology as well. Tremendous gratitude for your helpmates, Janet and Chris, who have given so much of their time and energy to contribute to this forum as well. I know many of us, while engaged at varying levels here, have benefitted greatly from this work and I look forward to more!

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