Lecture 19- The Red Book Study Group

As we are coming to the close of Book 2 of the Red Book we enter into the nature of Love. How to BE in love. How to BE in the world. How to hold both the seething life of ferment and the life of eternity. How to begin to take on our innate form, our destiny - NOT the hero.
Bear our own burden. In between us can be Love, we can be penetrated by Love. Relationship, not ownership. “Give me out of your fullness, not your longing.”

The answer, the inscription on the Crown,
“Love never ends.”

What comes to mind for me is that
there is not goal, no endpoint, no Nirvana or Enlightenment as in something to attain.

But more like what has been happening throughout the Red Book, the way of being that entails not knowing, not deciding (origin of decide - to cut off, deciding cut’s off everything but what is decided on), the way of magic, not interpreting, not putting in a box, not ending the exploration, not ending the getting to know something or someone.

Hanging in between the Depths and the Upper Worlds.
Between heavenly and earthly Love.

It makes me think of the tarot card The Hanged Man, that I have always thought of as Surrender.



Hanged Man.jpg

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  • Minute 49 Red Book Lecture 19

    “The task is not to constantly go down to the underworld and stay there to learn.  It is to bring it back to the surface. Take the serpent from the underworld to keep the connection going between the upper and underworld without becoming totally seduced by the world of creative imagination and get lost in it.”

    Hello to those of you who are meeting on The Red Book Forum.  I left for Mexico on August 11 and though I’ve been physically back home since August 25 I’m still not fully back.  I attended a special offering of The Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary   http://santabarbarahealingsanctuary.com/ co founded by Robert Bosnak in Malinalco, Mexico.  Having just completed the three year training In Los Angeles in Embodied Imagination with Robbie and Jill last May, the sanctuary was my graduation gift to myself.

     I’ve brought the serpent home but I may have been seduced by the creative imagination—working 9 dreams in 9 days and doing the many other adjunct expressive arts along with embodied imagination dreamwork. And my digestion went out and is slowly recovering.  Much to digest on many levels. How to bring the underworld back to my upper world?  In addition to beginning to teach 3 classes at Cornell (Chi Gong and Body/Mind) I am ploddingly typing my dreams and subsequent dreamwork to track what the snake brought me (and in this case the very magnificent, beneficent great mother ring of mountains)

    I’m re-reading Robbie’s book, Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming for an example of how to work with such vast material.

    So, I do not have psychic space for much else—including The Red Book Forum.  I wish you all well with your inner explorations. According to Bonnie Bright, founder of Depth Psychology Alliance, they have never had a forum go for this long!  I commend Chris Doggett for keeping the moderator role alive and those of you who have used the forum to express yourselves.  I am sure you will find much else in The Depth Psychology Alliance and elsewhere to support your journeys.



  • About the particle - It's more about experimental proof than about questioning or changing someone's belief system (atheists for instance are perfectly fine with it). It says nothing about the supposed Theory of Everything or interpretations of quantum mechanics.

    That "article" that I've mentioned before is about to be rejected. They are still waiting for the second review, but the first one says:

    “there is a vast body of knowledge regarding causality in Aristotle's philosophy. It cannot be stated such studies do not exist.” – As I didn’t state.

    “to quote you: your "insufficient understanding and knowledge in different scientific fields" is undermining your effort.” – So, the reviewer knows more about ALL scientific fields mentioned there (including the final Theory of Everything that officially still doesn’t exist).

    “Science cannot proceed by beliefs--it needs arguments, it needs a rational foundation, an empirical if not experimental basis.” – I.e., I (Aleksandar Malecic) am stupid because I don’t know what the hell this sentence has to do with that article.

    “A good reference foundation would include those works that I am not sure the author read or consulted.” -  I.e., “I don’t want to discuss about the core ideas in the article because I hate this guy.”

  • Good morning Aleksandar - that you for providing the above link and this 'movie, plus your own, shorter version, concerning potential meanings out from the movie, Stalker.  You end with a good question, "and now what.....

    This chapter informs us that in the pull resulting from Jung's suspended [altered] state of symbolic hanging [high], between earthly and heavenly realms, which he perceived as entirely inconsistent and incompatible, that a slow state emerges:  the "getting to know the crown of knowledge was that love never ends."

    Have a lovely day.  Peace Linda

    • More about "and now what":

      “That raises the question that must be asked of anyone putting forth a narrative such as this one:  So where do we go from here?  The answer should leap out at us, but it may not.  The system is not asking for our ideas.  It does not want them and certainly does not need them as it is presently operating."  - http://www.complex.vcu.edu/beyondcomplexityrev8310.pdf


      This ending of the Red Book lectures within a few days fits nicely with some questioning about myself. Since that article I’ve mentioned in this group a few times will probably (considering the current situation) be rejected, I contacted some people yesterday in order to be certain what really is wrong with it. The most efficient way not to convince me that I’m wrong about something is to talk about me instead about that something.

  • Good morning Ric - always, thank you for your offerings and my apologies for I am unable to find the correct link to take you to this song.

    Have a lovely day.  Peace Linda


  • Good morning Ric - perhaps I am too simple minded as I am unable to put any weight into a deck of fortune telling cards, nor even entertain being 'hanged within a surrender' to death nor love for in my experience with surrender, I simply let go and let God.  There is little I have control over, except, perhaps in accordance with the wisdom Victor Frankyl learned in the midst of his existential angst in the concentration camp concluding something along these lines:  others can take away everything you care, love, hold near and dear, but there is one thing no one else can touch [manipulate] and that is your attitude in the moment.  Peace Linda 

  • Good morning Ric - I am trying to grasp the connecting, disconnecting with "the Salome" and by what you write above, is Salome the unconscious feminine archetype within you - dealing with our latent homosexuality [an adolescent developmental task]; identifying, accepting the characteristics of the nature of "the woman in the man and the man in the woman?" Peace Linda

  • Good morning Chris - I was off for a week and now I am back, refreshed.  Being "In the light of love"......


    Regards Linda

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  • This is my last comment within this discussion topic until someone writes something else. Rather than concluding this discussion with Salome who leaves her man hanging, I'll add this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQXP6TDtW0w (Pearl Jam - Sirens). Like it or not, this is how "the best band in the world" captures Anima.

    • Hi Aleksandar - first time I listened to this song and in accordance with you, this is "the best band in the world capturing Anima which is your identification.  So many good songs, bands over the ages and I personally have not assigned 'the best' to any, at this point in my life, that would speak to the total depth concept of anima/aminus for me. 

      I will need to reflect upon this idea of the best band/song, however, upon speaking of individual soul state, several artists, their contributions, gifts and talents do resonate, deep within me [my core], from across my family system generational lines, my own personal time-line and lifespan to date, for which I remain open [as to not limit potential growth experience] to additional heartfelt connections that may cross my path, come my way. Peace + love Linda

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