Lecture 17 - The Red Book Study Group

So we continue with Jung’s journey after his meeting with Philemon and learning of Magic. Again, one of the ways to encounter Magic is to pay attention to the forces we do not understand, forces that we may be dis-identified with.  Other.  Dream images, especially distonic ones.

And then “I”  (Jung or habitual consciousness) meets the serpent/his soul/the connection with the depths-the origins.

And here we find that I uses Magic, the enchanting flute, the flattery of “ my sister, my soul ...” as he speaks to the serpent.  This is the way to get closer to Soul, but to beware of becoming familiar because that can lead to the urge to control the connection to the depths, which is really trying to control the connection to the great mystery / the unknown.

This connects me to a dream I had a month ago.  I was in a river with a friend and after swimming with and then against the gentle current my friend left to go to the bathroom and I felt a hand grab me from under the water ...  I was in terror.  I could hardly scream, I was frozen, alone and terrified and woke myself up trying to call for help.

One of my colleagues worked the dream with me brilliantly.  First I anchored the feeling of swimming up current in my kicking legs and my chest as I swam upstream, then the terror and frozen inability to scream about being alone with the terrifying unknown in my belly.  Them with the fine art work of my dream worker Roger, I was able to through the hands on my arms allow the presence of the female thin fingered hands as they held me reveal itself.  It knew me somehow, in it’s holding me it wanted to hold me still even though  was terrified.  That was all of it’s intention I could get.  

It reminds me of I and the serpent/soul.  I realized the art of allowing the transit in a dream to occur is in a way, enchanting or flattering the image of Other.  Keeping the distonic reaction of me the I separate and anchored in me as I try to simply notice and “pay attention to the force I do not understand ...”  And to always “beware” of interpreting, understanding the image / Other.  Beware of becoming “familiar” with the Other, thinking I know what it wants.  

In noticing it’s wanting to hold me I wanted to think that it had good intentions, maybe she is my soul wanting to help me, to connect me with the Depths, take me to the great mystery.  But I had to resist that and simply allow the holding and that somehow it knew me, that was all I allowed myself “to know”.

And in hold the three anchors of the dream I tried to maintain a connection to the terror (the most difficult to re-experience) even as I held my movement in the current and the hands holding me.  The holding also made me think of what Robbie sometimes says that as a dream worker we need to be willing to hold the dreamer in very painful states by encouraging them to “stay with the feeling”.  “She” of the deep river was doing that!!

In listening to this lecture I want to enchant or flatter Her more to allow more connection and remember to maintain my bewaredness.

Whatever it is, I feel very blessed to have been given it.


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  • It wasn't really a technical failure. Evan removed them because it was a personal communication happening where it perhaps doesn't belong. Since I have them saved, it's not a problem. Actually, because of that I have an idea what to talk about in Lecture 18.

    • Good morning Aleksandar - totally respect Evan's Post posture, and in my last post to you, I ended believing I could simply go to the membership section, and as stated in that post, invite you as a friend so we could continue communicating privately; however, you are not there and the search engine Bing came up with links to post between yourself and members of DPA.

      Is this not a breech of the DPA web-site security; I do not know for I am but an ant in this network community, not in a position of authority, administration nor control; however, as you mentioned you have the undisclosed email posts from me and I am the author of my responses, which I did not save for I assumed they would be on Evan's or My Page; that assumption was wrong.

      Until I receive my authored post to you back, or they go to My Page and DPA site operators reassure me only members can log in/out and our posts remain stored in this website - I am ceasing participation.

      Thanks all for understanding for as I have said I follow my father's advice and my words within this community has been integral.

      Concerned Linda

  • Someone has removed Linda's latest comments from Evan Hanks' blog. I'll figure out who did it and behave accordingly.

    • Figured out. We'll continue here in the Lesson 18.

  • Hello again fellow Sojourners - Googled Ric's Abraxas contribution and the caption infers 'a weirdo Mexican' illustration.

    • Further research - did not want to leave 'weirdo' with and no disregard for the ancestors of Mexico, so I did a Wikipedia search and this is the gist of what I learned:

      The Aztec are a 14 - 16th century people of Mesoamerica, a complex mythological place + religionan of the people of the 7 caves and a people who came up to the southern tip with remarkable agriculture and artistic accomplishments.  There are indigenous bark paper codices, the Florentine Codex and the Aztec cosmogram and pre-Hispanic Codex with the fire god in the center.  Even though their true origin is not yet determined, they arrived in around 1248.  Their founding legend was a vision of an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus, eating a snake.  There are references to 2 manifestations of the supernatural "god" or "demon" impersonal force that permeated the world.

      Enclosed are a few of their symbols for your pleasure.  Have a great day.  Linda



  • Hi again Aleksandar - just watched the review for "The Fountain" - well done and thanks for sharing.  Regards Linda

    • Good morning All - it is a new day, I am refreshed and thanks for helping me keep the synergism so full-of-it-all = it's alive!  Ric thanks once again for helping me, as I am not "a great thinker, Aristotle follower, however, I did write ethical papers within the field of nursing, confronted by advanced life-supports, moral dilemmas and my need to find my own way, bottom-line boundaries so I could look at myself in the mirror and continue on my path of lovingkindness, so I tend to lead with the affect and not logic.  When I studied medical ethics that uses the principle of Aristotle - arguing my position, within a particular time-frame, case and specifics, I was able to argument my moral position.  This did not occur until I entered academia when I was 37 years old.  

      So, thanks Ric for helping me by identifying Aristotle whom guiding principles are at the base of my mature moral stance earned along the way of life.

      Aleksandar, you got me again in naïve innocence by providing a link to a clip, that was edited out from a whole, movie I never even knew existed, and I thank you for that.  My eldest son follows movies/directors and he is the genius with the fantasy realm of figurative knowledge and not I.  However, these video movies are great to see, books and narratives brought to life - complex phenomena captured within this craft - art form, but to see some edited clips without knowledge of the whole (taken out of context) - got and caught me off guard.  I prefer not to be shocked into stuff, by the violence factor, first, if at all possible and thanks for your considerations.   

      I really enjoyed the play, book club last year on the women in Jung's life and it would be something else to see what a director, cast and crew could create with TRB.


  • The unlearning device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YatFF37gSBo Has anyone watched that movie (Pi)?

    • OMG Aleksandar - this youtube clip of Pi is covered at the bottom, below the screen, with unsavory, female advertisements, the clip does not play, and one is left looking at the crap on the bottom, so, I just moved the red dot to view the frames.  This guy is figuratively or literally (who knows) going to/did shoot himself in the right temporal area with a staple/nail gun - how gruel and sadistic is that?   Definite darkness and this is not a movie I would even consider watching, now that you have introduced the youtube clips.  Why do you find this stuff and all I can say is, take good care of yourself.  

      Is this your example of a key to hell?  Regards Linda

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