So, as we come out of the dark winter, the blackness, the nigredo, the place of no solace, no redemption, neither meaningful or meaningless, understanding nothing ...

the whitening begins, the white snake starts to show itself, magic, the sun rises, Philemon

Sympathy is the way of magic, of healing, sym-pathos, the field in between, the ordinary, the pedestrian. the relationship.  Has to be reborn with each magician.  New for each magician.  See things afresh.  

To see things afresh you must leave your reason, your knowing “at home”.  Otherwise the film/mirror of your “knowing” is reflecting back at you and makes it impossible to go deeply into the unknown.

Not telling, not being obvious is one of the ways of magic. Do not ask questions, hold back the desire to grasp is the beginning of magic.

The unknowing is post-knowing, not beginners mind, not the childlike innocence but after knowing and then letting go of the knowing. (very tricky!)

Magic is everything that eludes comprehension.  Incomprehension is hard to bear, but the more you stay away from knowing, and wait, the more ‘dreams light up’!!

Later in life magic is easier, (I LOVE this!!)  It’s more natural then to de-ment.  The drives are less, the hormones have calmed down.

So these are things that moved me in this session.  Maybe my favorite one so far!

I love how connected to dreams and Embodied Imagination this session is.

There are only four more lectures to go, hard to believe. 

Love to hear how this has been for people, in whatever ways you may have been listening, reading, reflecting.


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  • Good morning Ric - Wow! This creative piece, bust of head/mind/soul is absolutely wonderful!  The depth as evidenced by the textures/grains/colors flowing from the interior/crown is magical, mysterious and so beautiful.  Thanks for sharing with us.  Have a great day. Peace + love Linda  

  • Good morning Chris and Fellow Sojourner's on this Red Book Journey - I love your words, introduction to this Lecture:  out of the dark (shadow), and into a magical place/field of light within where sym-pathos is re-born for we are ready to let go of our wounds, shattered 'naive' innocence sense-of-selves accumulated along our way and return to our innate states/blessings held deeply within, especially our creative potential/gift of innocence = faith, hope and love, and that by reconnecting so deeply within my soul - my vision clears and fresh healing manifests which is a pot-of-gold waiting, that lights up our dreams and shows our true colors.

    Now that I am in later life, I can attest to/re-share my gift of innocence (magical child within), easier with colleagues, friends and family for this is very natural/enjoyable for me and I am no longer bothered by skepticism.

    I too loved (deeply connected/moved) in this Lecture that vividly stimulated me into a dream state, one night, so powerful and intuitively felt that I did not know I was sleeping/dreaming until I awoke!

    Amen to being embodied and reconnecting.  Today, I am that kid in the candy store, feeling like a pearl-of-a-girl who is content in my way of life/love and the spot on earth I call home (which is where my heart is) with no doubt that the world is a beautiful place.  Peace + love Linda

    • Lovely post Linda.

      I am starting my Masters tomorrow at a retreat for group Dymanics/Integral T-Group/Sensitivity trainig.  All about listening, empathy, the relationship between,"aspiration for love, for compassion, for a deeper ground from which to relate."  Have to enter it letting go of my knowing, afresh and leave my "reason" at home ... and let the magic begin!!

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