An open forum for the discussion of the Crop Circle mystery in relation to Jung and the Archetypal Feminine.  

For centuries, but particularly in the last few decades, Crop Circles have been a mysterious visitor arriving at our door. Recently, we have been able to scientifically identify that this phenomenon is no hoax, but something authentically unknown.

Group moderator is Gary S. Bobroff, M.A. author of Jung, Crop Circles & the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine.  For more on the book see:

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  • Come see and some of your other faves at: 9142514687?profile=original

  • I'm pleased to let you know that "Jung, Crop Circles & the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine" has been picked up by North Atlantic Books for release in Spring 2014!

  • Making reasonably open-minded contact with the mystery and strange beauty of the crop circle phenomenon (back in 2009)  has had a profound impact on my psyche -- leading to what feels like a fairly grounded process of compassionate conscious engagement with parts of self who struggle against the unknown and with the part of self which is an embodiment of the unknown (the physical relational-field of the human body).  

    It seems that shortly after exploring (without dismissively looking away for a change)  the intense dreamy imagery of those patterns in the grain,  I fell into a solid period of regular shadow-work for about a year and a half.    I did not mean for that to happen but I see now how it would seem likely that shadow-work would quite naturally follow such a "contact experience" with the feminine (as represented by  the circles which appear in the body of the earth).  In allowing the crop circle phenomenon  to be a mystery, as the feminine truly is,  I think that I was inevitably led into the places within the psyche that had not seen the light of consciousness in a long time.  And it was very shortly after the intense shadow-work slowed down that I found (or was led to)  the inner alchemical work that was perfectly suited for me ... the work that has allowed me to move into deeper relationship with the feminine ,  consciously and actively tending to the soul in a way that just wasn't possible before.   

    I'm glad to have recently discovered Gary's work (through his interview with Bonnie)   so that I can reflect on my own unfolding  within the realm of the circles from a Jungian lens , which I appreciate very much. 

  • Hi Gary. I absolutely love that you have created this group here on the Alliance. I've always been interested in crop circles and my interest was amplified when I started reading about Jung's interest in UFO's and then learned about Irene Champernowne's paintings of her dreams that centered on the theme of women in wheat fields.

    Then, in April of this year, I saw a documentary called "Crop Circles: Crossovers from Another Dimension". It's really well done--and very compelling, so when I had the chance to be in England in July--which just happens to be peak season since that's when the crops are ideal stage for the "circles" to appear as you know--I took advantage and went to visit some.

    They were amazing! That's all I can say. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to some great discussion here in the group--and though I got your book as soon as it came out--I hope you'll share some excerpts and some of your research process and your own experience. Thanks...

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Crop Circle Science

Hi Folks:   For those of you who want to get grounded in Crop Circle Science, is the place to start (I'll also be sharing Chapter One of my book here soon which recaps this work and other scientific evidence).  Many of their studies are peer-reviewed.  The evidence includes: Germinal Change Cellular Change Physical Change Biochemical Change Soil Mineral Crystallinity Change and other forms of change Check 'em all out at www.BLTresearch.comEnjoy!

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