• I would like to meet people in the flesh and I'm sure others would too. And I would be  open to coming to Atlanta if there are a few people who decide to do it. I have 2 weekends in May already scheduled, but could do that weekend of May 20/21. And I still need more ceus! (I need 40 every two years, which seems excessive, and of course I wait until the last minute every renewal period) Instead of just driving down for the Saturday, I could come Friday night. We could all meet and have dinner, go to Friday night's talk, have breakfast, and go to Saturday's event. So, count me in if there turns out to be the energy to do it. Did you like the picture of Kuan Yin? She was so lovely at Pacifica. I really loved how people left items and jewels for her.


  • My analyst does some instruction for the Chicago group, so I would support that program by association. Not much response to Atlanta. I'm going into the summer wondering if there really is any interest in meeting "in the flesh." This may have just been my fantasy.
  • Hi Ed. Thanks for answering the phone while we were totally lost. I loved it there. Like a monastery for the mindful! I can' t wait to go back. I posted a picture on my page of me at Pacifica with Kuan Yin. I took a picture of your fountain too, and sent you good energies as I tossed a coin in.

    I'm still not sure of the April Bolen event in Atlanta. Has anyone else said they can come? I'm looking for CEU's like crazy, since I need a ton by end of June. Jung in Chicago has great looking Active Imagination program that I might attend. Also a CEU for studying the Red Book on line. The website is


  • Sorry my plane schedule got so screwy. I hope you enjoyed the trip and visit. What did you think of the place?
  • Hi, I'll be staying with friends, but plan to visit Pacifica. If I can, I'll come Sunday afternoon. My cell phone is 423-503-5474. What is you cell? If you want you can email me directly at



  • Yep, I'm there for classes Monday through Wednesday. I get in about lunch time that Sunday (13th). If you are there then, let's meet in the lobby since I'll be checking in there. Hope this works.
  • Thanks Lilan, it's been so very intense to live with Medusa/fierce feminine archetypal energy, but very empowering as well. I'm revising the dissertation for more general publication & the material keeps evolving & enlarging. Medusa is so powerful, awesome (as in numinous and definitely an energy of life/death and rebirth. I've been doing a lot of ecstatic trance work with the Cuyamungue Institute (, as an advanced way of working experientially with archetypal entities.I wish I had more time to write, but life keeps getting in the way...



  • I heard him several times while I was attending Pacifica. He is an amazing speaker--brilliant, provacative, frustrating at times, but never, ever boring. He sat in on my research methodology class when I was pitching my dissertation topic--talk about stage fright. But he was so encouraging that it helped me through some very dark encounters with my shadow demons (like I can never finish this dang thing, it is trash, etc.) So I did finish & graduated a few years ago & I thank James Hillman! 
    • Hi Ileen, thank you so much for your reply. I am almost certain I am going to go. You just gave me the confirmation I needed. I have never heard Hillman, I need the CEU's, and I have a dear friend in Santa Barbara to visit. I have never been to Pacifica. How wonderful that you went to school there. I tried to go to your page to see what you studied, but wasn't able to access it. I would love to hear more.

      In peace, Lilan


    • I'm at Pacifica now and have heard Hillman speak in reference to the Red Book. I bought the DVD and will be happy to lend it to you. I found him an interesting speaker who was quick with an answer and not a chatty tyope at all, but in the setting IIeen mentions may have brought out a warmer side. I too hope you will check out Pacifica. I have journal upon journal written by the fountain. Beautiful place.


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