Calling those who live east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon. I love California, Chicago, New York and New England, but need to connect with others in the South who are interested in exploring Jungian/Archetypal theories and practice.
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  • most definitely!
  • This can only mean there is a chance for world peace!
  • oh, Ed, don’t feel bad -- that’s a rather common mistake made by non-true Carolinians. Nothing that a day spent under a huge tree in a quad overlooking Franklin Street can’t cure :)
  • 9142752467?profile=originalCan't imagine there is another school in NC. ;)
  • Ed,  I proudly and loudly proclaim my Tarheel love.  Anyone who claims one of the other “teams” is just not a true North Carolinian ;)
  • Welcome kit. Kit is from North Carolina folks. I didn't have the courage to ask which basketball team she favors!!
  • Great to hear from you Lilan!! Your travels and learning are inspiring. Looking forward to sharing in October.
  • Hello all, I've been traveling in France and Morocco, so I haven't responded as yet. As Lisa said earlier, we have both already registered. Can't wait to hear our Southerners present and meet the group. We are going early for pre-conference. Loved the Red Book class with Rose Holt. I learned so much and realized not to be intimidated by the sheer size alone! The book is really accessible once dipped into. Also went to Chicago Jung Institute for a week of training in Active Imagination. That was so fantastic. Loved Chicago, did a lot of sandplay, and met some great people. Thanks to this website and all of you for inspiring the deepening of my understanding of Jung.
  • I will be presenting a "Dancing the Dream" workshop and would love to listen to Dan Tyler sing and party with other Jungian Southerners!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm feelin' a party comin' on. :)
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Journey Conferences 2014

After a short time away, Journey Conferences again return with this year's conference: Featured Presenters     Michael Conforti - The Art of Spiritual Navigation     Loralee Scott-Conforti - Creatives as Cultural Prophets and Healers Dates: Thursday, October 30th - Sunday, November 2nd Place: St. Francis Springs Prayer Center, 477 Grogan Road, Stoneville, NC 27048 Website: Please join us for a time of relaxation, revelation, and relationships.

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Jung and the Arts

This will be the focus of the first Jung in the South Conference and except for a few folks I know who would like to present, this is as far as it has gotten. I would like to make this planning a group endeavor. Is anyone connected with a college or university or art institute (housing and board made easier) that might be interested in hosting the event? I imagine during the summer if an academic setting.  If you do plan to check with organizations in your area, please let me know so I don't…

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Journey Conference 2012

This discussion invites those who attended the 2012 Journey Conference to reflect on their experiences and learnings. I hope it will add some information that will help others make wise decisions related to attending events where the Journey presenters will be appearing.

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Suggestions on Readings for a Directed Study Proposal.

Since my graduate program doesn't offer any Jungian courses regularly, I'm getting ready to draft a proposal for an independent study course that focuses specifically on Jung.  There's a couple of faculty members that have an interest in Jung that may agree to be the overseer and mentor for me on this.  I figured if I came up with a proposed course of study that it would only help my chances of getting one to agree, but I'm having a very hard time narrowing down what the proposed readings for…

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