Calling those who live east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon. I love California, Chicago, New York and New England, but need to connect with others in the South who are interested in exploring Jungian/Archetypal theories and practice.
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  • Welcome David and Dani,
    Virginia is the land of my birth, childhood and early adulthood. It is still my "homeland." Please place your website in the "Jungian" groups above so that we can all get to know your work. There are early attempts to get together at a conference in the South. So far the Bolen lecture in Atlanta and the Journeys conference in October are two possibles. Asheville, NC also provides some "South central" opportunities. Great to have you with us.
  • I lent the DVD to "someone" and it hasn't come back so I am emailing everyone I know that may have it still. Bother!!! When I find it, it will circulate. I'm dropping in on the Atlanta event just for Friday and most likely going to the Journey event later in the year. Asheville has some interesting stuff on-line and there is an on-line about the Black Madonna, which has always fascinated me. It is advertised on the Alliance "front page" I believe. Otherwise, sending a friend off to work as a relief chaplain in the deep South. Hard work needing much support - emotional, physical, and spiritual.
  • Hello all, just checking in to say hi!. I signed up for a Red Book class on-line with Rose Holt. It is offered through the Jung Institute of Chicago. It just started this week and meets for 8 weeks. I need the ceu's (there are 12 offered) so I decided to do this. I'm sure it will get me to explore this mysterious book. Ed, you had mentioned a DVD you had on the Red Book that I might borrow. Is that still a possibility? What's anyone up to?



  • Hello Ed and Mitchell. As I was planning to come to Atlanta for Bolen I suddenly realized that on Friday I work until 7 pm. Friday is my client day and I often work from morning till night. So I won't be able to come on Friday night since Atlanta is 2 hours from me. And Ed, you won't be around on Saturday. So, I think I'm going to not come. I really do want to meet in person ( I even flew to California!) but it won't be this month. Lisa Harrison, another Chattanoogan, has already talked to me about the Journey's conference. So that may well be the opportunity to have a relaxed and extended time for all of us to get together. I really appreciate your energy in this, and am sorry I won't be able to get together.
  • Moores Mill Rd. is the exit off of Hwy 75 that most people take to get to the church. To find places to eat you can go one exit North to the Northside Pkwy exit - which also intersects with West Paces Ferry. There is a small stretch of places to eat along side 75 there, including a diner called the OK Cafe which might work. Ed, you would be heading East on Paces Ferry, which eventually turns into West Paces Ferry, to get to the church. If you haven't been to Atlanta before it's known for its confusing roads.
  • At the LaQuinta on 2415 Paces Ferry Rd Southeast (which actually means nothing to me other than its supposed to be near Trinity where the weekend is taking place). We'll be getting in early that day, sometime between lunch and dinner hours. I'll get in touch with Trinity and see if there is something near the church.
  • Hi Ed, at what hotel are you staying? Is there a restaurant or bar there where we could all meet and eat? Lilan
  • Looking forward to meeting you at the Jung Society gig coming up, Ed!
  • Just booked Friday night in Atlanta. I can't stay for Saturday's workshop but can stay through lunch that day. So...folks heading to Atlanta, I would love to meet you there for dinner, post-presentation, Saturday breakfast and/or Saturday lunch. Wish I could stay but have an early flight Sunday back to Pacifica. Come June and I'll be booking my attendance for the Journey Conference. Hope to some of you in Atlanta!!
  • I just noticed that our Jeanne Schul will also be presenting at the Journey Conference in October. That's two!!!  Congratulations to Jeanne and Adele.

    As to attendance, I'm workin' on it here. I will be at one if not both.

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