Calling those who live east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon. I love California, Chicago, New York and New England, but need to connect with others in the South who are interested in exploring Jungian/Archetypal theories and practice.
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  • Hi Lisa - I enjoyed your comments on the conference and passed your compliment on Dan's music along to him.  He suggested that you, and anyone else who would like his music, to email him at to buy CD's, at $12 ($10 plus $2 for postage), and he will put in an extra CD with the song, "Welcome, the Returning Goddess" that Jeanne and Robin danced to at the morning service.  The songs he played at the conference are on his CD's entitled "I Hope" and "True Blue."  Also, his website,, has more info and a chance to hear the songs, as well.  

    I'm still processing all I experienced and learned at the conference and having creative ideas about our planning a conference for this group, as well! 

  • I agree with Adele. It was lovely to get together and connect. Our own conference in Nashville speaks to me!
  • It was fantastic to be with some of you in North Carolina, to put faces with these online names and have a chance to get to know each other.  If this whole group is as great as the five/six I've met in person, then it's a wonderful new community!.  Thanks, Ed, for starting the group and moving it forward. Let's work toward a conference of our own. I'm already feeling energized by the possibilities of having a conference here in Nashville at some point.
  • Jung in the South's first gathering in NC is over (sigh) but the discussion forum above will give you a taste of the fun and fellowship. Hope our group will be able to meet in ever growing numbers. Blessins ya'll.
  • Hi everyone: I'm excited and envious for all of you who are traveling to the Journey conference soon! When I was in Assisi in July and was able to connect with other Alliance members I had never met, it was very profound and touching! I hope you all have the same joy! Take lots of pictures to post in the community for the rest of us--and let us know how it goes!
  • Thanks Lilan,

    In that some might say I am in the Autumn of life, I enjoy living in an area where the colors of Autumn are as brilliant as those of Spring.

    At my last count, I believe there are at least 8 who will be there which includes several presenters. I could try this.....

    Under Discussion Forum...list your name if you are attending the Journey conference in NC this month.

  • Hi Ed. love the fall. The colors are starting to become so beautiful, and it seems as if the light is radiant in the fall. Like living in a stained glass window. And I am really resonating to the Autumn this year more than usual in an inner way. I have been thinking alot about what I am harvesting in life. I think it must be that I am in the autumn part of my life, and I want to enjoy its beauty, its fullness, even if it means that winter is soon to follow.

    Really looking forward to Journeys, coming up very soon. Any idea how many of us are going?

  • Ah, the leaves are changing and the potential for seeing-through is again upon us. What shall the Fall bring up, bring to? Anyone love the Fall Season???


  • Why darlin' anyone from the Lone Staaa State is indeed welcome. Pull up a chair on the front porch and we have a glass of sweet tea already fo' ya'. :)
  • Will Houston Tx. do? I'm just a hop skip and a jump from Louisiana.
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