Calling those who live east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon. I love California, Chicago, New York and New England, but need to connect with others in the South who are interested in exploring Jungian/Archetypal theories and practice.
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  • Great to see Lee, Jeanne at the Journey Conference. I'll be adding my reflections on the event by the end of the week. Lee, Jeanne, would you like to add your thoughts in the discussion above?

  • Hello- I am looking for a Jungian oriented psychotherapist for a young man in his late twenties living in the Orlando, Florida area. Your response is appreciated.

    Emmi Harrell LPC Montgomery, Alabama

  • Looking forward to meeting Ed.  I'm also presenting at Journey Conferences in October.  See you there.

  • Great Lee!!!  Sounds like a wonderful reason to head toward the Triangle Area again.

  • The Triangle NC C G Jung Society has just launched its new website highlighting our excellent lineup of lectures and workshops this upcoming program year. These include Richard Tarnas, Maxon McDowell, Massimilla Harris, Erik Goodwyn, C Michael Smith, and Ginette Nachman. 

    Please visit and join our website to learn more about these and other events at

    C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle
    C. G. Jung Society of the Triangle is a social network
  • Hello Tish,

    Actually Asheville, NC has a very active Jungian society headed by Murray Stein. They might have a list of folks you could suggest a referral. Hope this helps.


  • Hello, fellow Jung-Southerners: I need to refer someone to a good depth person in Asheville, NC area. Anybody here in Asheville or able to recommend?
  • Hello Jung in the Southers! Come up to Peebles Ohio to join us for a writing retreat with Depth Psychologists in mind. Support your writing and support a fabulous non-profit organization at the same time (Hope Springs Institute). Look here for more information (we still have a few spots open, register ASAP):

  • Adele,

    I'm meeting with another person who is interested in co-chairing the group in Louisville. We will be advertising in April and start several dream groups within the next few weeks. How's the Nashville planning coming?


  • Adele,

    The group will be modeled after the Hive approach proposed by Bonnie B. that is meeting in San Francisco next month. We don't have a date but when we do I'll send it to you. I'm sure it will be a group formation meeting so it might be instructive as you put together the Nashville group. Glad you are considering attending and esp. grateful that you took vacation time to email me. :)


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Journey Conferences 2014

After a short time away, Journey Conferences again return with this year's conference: Featured Presenters     Michael Conforti - The Art of Spiritual Navigation     Loralee Scott-Conforti - Creatives as Cultural Prophets and Healers Dates: Thursday, October 30th - Sunday, November 2nd Place: St. Francis Springs Prayer Center, 477 Grogan Road, Stoneville, NC 27048 Website: Please join us for a time of relaxation, revelation, and relationships.

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Jung and the Arts

This will be the focus of the first Jung in the South Conference and except for a few folks I know who would like to present, this is as far as it has gotten. I would like to make this planning a group endeavor. Is anyone connected with a college or university or art institute (housing and board made easier) that might be interested in hosting the event? I imagine during the summer if an academic setting.  If you do plan to check with organizations in your area, please let me know so I don't…

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Journey Conference 2012

This discussion invites those who attended the 2012 Journey Conference to reflect on their experiences and learnings. I hope it will add some information that will help others make wise decisions related to attending events where the Journey presenters will be appearing.

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Suggestions on Readings for a Directed Study Proposal.

Since my graduate program doesn't offer any Jungian courses regularly, I'm getting ready to draft a proposal for an independent study course that focuses specifically on Jung.  There's a couple of faculty members that have an interest in Jung that may agree to be the overseer and mentor for me on this.  I figured if I came up with a proposed course of study that it would only help my chances of getting one to agree, but I'm having a very hard time narrowing down what the proposed readings for…

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