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Jungian Analyst John Hill on "soul" and "psyche":

Jungian Analyst John Hill on "soul" and "psyche": John Hill and "What do I mean by the word "soul," here understood as the equivalent of ‘psyche’”? Aristotle understood psyche as the inner life principle of every living being. In his philosophy, soul was not identified with the rational mind, as in modern philosophy. Psyche regulates and bestows form in an increasingly complex manner to all living beings in accord with their species. Referring to the active, organizing life principle in humans,…

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'Secondary Spiritual Emergence'

In 1994, the APA revised the DSM-3, by adding a new entry called ‘Religious or Spiritual Problem (Code V.62.89)’, also known as a ‘Spiritual Emergency’, to the guidebook. "The inclusion in the DSM-IV of a new diagnostic category called "Religious or Spiritual Problem" marks a significant breakthrough. For the first time, there is acknowledgment of distressing religious and spiritual experiences as non-pathological problems. Spiritual emergencies are crises during which the process of growth and…

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