Interplay of outer and inner systemics.

In my MFT training, there was much about the exterior systems and their influence on a person's self and behavior - almost psycho-sociological in leaning. How do you see depth psychology correlating, questioning, or broadening that perspective?

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  • Eva,

    Thanks for the comment AND would you be willing to share your paper to spark further discussion??? :)

    • Hi Ed,

      Thank you. I would but I would have to unearth it as I wrote it in the early 90s and I just moved home and office 2 weeks ago.

      I will keep it in mind and look for it.

      Thanks so much for your interest and intriguing questions and ideas.

      Warm wishes


    • Can I help you move if the paper would surface faster?? :)

      Hope the move went smoothly and your new space holds the warmth of the Center.


  • Hi Ed,

    What a wonderful question! Do you not think that that it is the understanding and use of metaphor that mediates between the inner and outer worlds. Marion Woodman calls metaphor the "transformer" and it seems to aid soul making function.

    I wrote a paper when in school on the Grimm's version of the fairy tale "Cinderella". It revealed family systems theory (and dysfunction) and also pointed to the internal integration of complexes depending on how it was held.

    Thanks again for this rich question.



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