• Mr. Gerike astutely asks: "What is a positive myth for climate change?" 


    I would offer that some new poems and songs and story themes and heroes are emerging around climate fear. This collective consciousness is bubbling through something called localization. But in the case of permaculture, political involvement that seems to be a part of myth making these days is shunned. Hmmm.


    Are the new myths that prepare us for the climate change based in the family garden?



  • Well,I wouldn't mind a few more options.

    The current myth about climate change is that there ain't any, sure is a poor myth. What is a positive myth we have about what climate change is and what we can do about it?

    What are the myths associated with previous climate change - after the Middle Ages there was the Little Ice Age (1350 to about 1850), are there any myths associated with that? At the end of the Pleistocene, about 12,000 years ago, there was massive sea level rise (sound familiar?) as a "natural" warming trend/cycle melted glaciers and ice cap material. This world wide phenomena is reflected in the myths of many cultures, the one that we in Western culture are probably most famiiar with is "Noah's Ark." 

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