"Integrating Permaculture, Transition, and Mythology in the Chaos Age" - eBook #21. Conversations with Willi Paul and Authors Gregory Gronbacher, Peter Ruddock, Douglas Williamson, Arthur George, Gary Z McGee, Margo Meck, Stephen Gerringer and Ray Grigg. Planetshifter.com Magazine.

“Our future depends on our willingness to abandon worn-out methodologies and outdated ways of reading the Judeo-Christian myths. These grand narratives must be read again with fresh eyes, the advantages of science, and our better modern sensibilities. To continue to read them in literalist fashion is to harm the original intent of the ancient authors, the underlying truth of the texts, and to ruin any opportunity for our culture to once again embrace their underlying sanity.”
- Gregory Gronbacher

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  • "According to our mission statement, our goal is, among other things, to foster the work of Joseph Campbell. I'm sure you will agree, that your viewpoint, as pointed out in the quote above, is not in accordance with our JCF mission." - Would have Campbell agreed?

    • Campbell was a progressive. At minimum, he would listen.  - WOX

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