Old Myth : New Myth 101

Folks, I am broken record! Are there new myths? Can you share your favorites here? Consider this primer: Making of myth is not a defunct activity. There is nothing old fashioned about myths; they are as alive as ever, exerting as much impact on society and the individual as in past millennia. New myths are spawned continually, and there is every indication that myths will continue to alter the course of human events as long as mankind inhabits this planet. Perhaps myth's importance is underrated because mythology is not easy to understand; it raises all kinds of fascinating, puzzling, tough questions. Yet much that is worthwhile can be learned from unearthing answers to the knotty and profound questions it raises. For example: Why does myth: Exert a strange, wonderful, and inexplicable power over the affairs of men, a power that compels, motivates, and directs? Seem to perform a vital, essential function in individuals, societies, cultures, religions, philosophies, and nations? http://electricka.com/etaf/muses/mythology/mythology_popups/importance.htm

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  • Willi, if you're really interested in new myth, I wrote a fairly elaborate one, about rebirth and the mystic's experience, using a Bering Sea crab boat (with 7 levels) as an analogy for the seven chakra system. The hierarchy of the crew, from greenhorn to captain, symbolizes the different levels of illumination possible for the prophet. If you're interested, I'd be glad to share some of it with you...

    • Hi Scott - 

      I would like to see it and possibly publish it in my network. Do you have an illustration, too? Please send.  WOX
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