“The Pyrethroid Sunflower Man” - The applyresponsibly.org ad campaign
by Pyrethroid Working Group - On BART with Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media
I was riding on BART yesterday when a smiling green garden nymph with huge muscles and a pesticide sprayer jumped by into my travel weary consciousness. The poster is part of a new sales pitch called applyresponsibly.org by Pyrethroid Working Group (PWG). These guys are promoting "sound science and the responsible use of pyrethroid-based pest control products."
PWG is fueled by something called “the Stewardship.” Details on the Stewardship and how PWG looks at permaculture were not found at their site. The following chemical companies are members of the Stewardship: AMVAC Chemical; BASF Corporation; Bayer CropScience; Cheminova, Inc.; DuPont Crop Protection; FMC Corporation; Syngenta Crop Protection; and Valent BioSciences Corporation.
On their web site the song and dance spins like this:
“Like all Californians, we care deeply about the need to protect our water and environment. This web site was developed out of a commitment to ensure that our products are used properly around the home and garden.”
“If you are a gardener or homeowner who chooses to use pesticides, we urge you to apply them responsibly. By following a few simple rules found on this site you can play an important role in preserving California’s water quality and environment.”
applyresponsibly.org peddles “home and gardens” videos on subjects like:
1) How to build a compost bin
2) Garden Maintenance & Tools
3) How to Build a Raised Garden Bed
4) Small Garden Irrigation Ideas and Tips
5) Lawn Care

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