We are into the Transition Era where new alchemiespermaculture and Nature are morphing both values and landscapes.

Center hear: Are the classic myths still firing our spirits and stories? 

Join us on a grand journey, fueled by tunes, poetry, sound symbols and plows in the New Global Mythology.

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  • I believe that we have new archetypes / symbols to use, something I relayed to Bonnie in our video interview last year. Here are some of the new archetypes from my recent trek into sounds & new mythology:



    Question: Can archetypes be sonic and graphic symbols?


  • Hmm, love the feedback and challenging questions from your experience. I keep Campbell's journey, initiation and hero triad front and center in my new myths. This structure is often found in old and new global stories, yes?

    Tell us more about: a "new guiding myth, presented as a single statement" and "Translated into real life?" "Or how Krippner identifies the parts of the old myth that are viable?"


    When is myth outdated? When your parents skip it for something else at bed time?

    YES! New myths require PROCESS, like this one! And there are others to consider.... See my blurb in the newsletter for a sneak peak?


    Image Sourcehttp://openmythsource.com/2011/09/05/chrysalis-songs-for-the-permac...

  • Hey Christian - I hear you on the nuts and bolts thing. We will tackle at least four myth methods to "make" new myths" in the days ahead! - WOX

  • Very cool, Kelly! We have a bunch of Nature-related symbols in our group tool kit. I am looking forward to how we interpret and perhaps create new (myths) stories together as we move forward! With new myths, we can construct a better path thru the garbage.
  • I was at a hording workshop last week and the instructor provided us this amazing quote, "The only difference between you, me, and the other guy, is our stories" When you know someone's story the "garbage" or stuff they hord takes shape... become symbols, if you will.  The story provides understanding and lights a path through the stuff. 

  • Perhaps new myths can stitch us back up?!

  • Yes, I agree: Tent = community and I think that was what the occupy camps were trying to reastablish... Occupy; take back our communities... rebuild our lost connections... because yes, our communities have become fragmented to the point of isolation.

  • Hi Kelly - You said: "The tent, like the pyramid, represents the collective and raising of collective consciousness." Cool! I think a tent = community is also possible, although in this case a fragmented one!?

  • Hi Willi,

    Thanks for the welcome to the group. Sorry for the delayed response here... been away from my computer for a bit. I`m interrupting the flow of the discussion here but the first symbols I thought of were the triangle and the circle. The triange or tent, a man made structure, which to me represents connection. A tent is often used to occupy space within nature. It provides an opportunity for one to connect with and be a part of nature. I spent some time at our local occupy camp this past fall and what struck me most was the connections being formed... and for some I`m pretty sure found some of the most meaning connections of their lives. I think on so many levels occupy is about occupying our need for connection. The tent, like the pyramid, represents the collective and raising of collective consciousness.

    The circle, the form in which GA meetings are held came to represent unity and equality... everyone is of equal distance to the centre... an important notion for a leaderless movement.

  • When I think of symbols for 'Occupy', the first thing that popped into my head, was the image of a tribe, of 99 little people, taking down a big, evil giant, wearing a sign with a big 1% on it...I agree, the Guy Fawkes mask conjures images of the fox, clown, trickster etc., not a symbol I would use...

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