Happy New Year and Welcome to the Online Seminar

I look forward to meeting with you online February 1st. In the meantime, please read the Aries and Taurus Rising Chapters of Beyond the Mask, Part I.

During the first week of February, we'll discuss the instinctual (mundane) and spiritual (esoteric) rulers of both signs, the myth or folk tale, and the changes that occur during the progressed cycles.

Discussion questions for Aries and Taurus Rising will be posted later this month.

I'll also be doing a teleseminar January 29th for those who wish to participate. The topic is New Beginnings: Uranus-in-Aries. There will be a $10 fee.




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  • Can I ask a quick question - I have been reading the book and it looks great - though I am a bit new to natal astrology. How do I work out my progressed ascendant - or that of someone else? It would help me relate to what the book has to say.. 

    Thank you in advance



    • I'm so sorry, my reply must have gone elsewhere in cyberspace,  Here it is again. Hope it arrives:! 


      The quickest way is to order the Natal charts (if you don't already have them) plus secondary progressions for 2012 from a computer service. I know Astrodienst does natal charts but I'm not sure if they progress the Ascendant and planets.  I think they still do Natal charts for free.


      If you already have the Natal charts, secondary progressions (Solar Arc formula) are avaiable from astrocom.com.  The offer 5 years for around $8 plus s & h as I recall. (I have software myself, so don't use the services; it's been awhile since I referred anyone to them and asked about prices.


       Astrocom will sent the information in column format; just look down the 2012 column. When you come to end of the list of planets, you'll see "ASC," (or "AS") followed by the abbreviation for the Ascendant Sign and degree.  If you look across horizantally across the columns for at the next few years, you'll see how slowly the Progressed Asc moves per year. 


      Halloran Software offers a free download for Natal charts...don't know about secondary progressions, though.  


      Most computer services will have the same disclaimer that's in my book, the birth data must be very accurate in order for the progressed Rising Sign formula to work.


      Looking forward to the class!



    • Just had a look about - found a free astrology program astrolog, but I can see I need to know more about astrology to work with it - seems to do everything. I couldn't get the progressions to work though as its not very user friendly to set up I think. 

      But then went to the astro.com site you recommended and you can do free online progressions to dates of your choice there - so that was very useful. Discovered I went from Taurus asc to progressed gemini when I was 4 - just before starting school. Then guessed at a transition to progressed cancer for my wedding date 13 years ago and yes it was, slightly before the actual date.. but very applicable to my lifestyle change at that time. 

      Thought I would mention it in case others want to find their own patterns

      Looking forward to the class too :D

    • Do, please, share this with the group!

      You have the same Asc as Anna Freud, who was also born at the very end of Taurus Rising. She progressed to Gemini as a toddler. 

      Gemini is ruled by precocious Hermes--you're probably familiar with his myths, playing the lyre in his crib, for one. Making up stories. Inventive,  and a prankster..

      Since you were so young, you'll want to ask your relatives what they remember of you at 4--were you verbal, for instance? 

      And you'll want to note the first Natal planet that the progressed Ascendant contacted from Gemini...the nature of that planet often sets the tone for the new progressed cycle.

      Anna Freud's  father's friends used a very specialized psychological vocabulary; which she picked up right away; she tried to join the adults' conversation as if she were a grown-up.

      There's often a child prodigy/Hermes quality to this one, but a lot depends on the first natal planet contacted.


      We should have fun startng Wednesday! 


    • Thank you! I think others may appreciate your comment and want to do the same thing.

    • Thank you Kathleen, I do have some software, but it just does something it calls dynamic analysis, for the transits of a chart over a specific year, doesn't look all that clear. So I will look at the software you suggest and see what I can find. Thanks

  • Hi everyone I'd like to add my welcome to the special online study group with Kathleen Burt. I think it's going to be a fabulous month! I just wanted to let you know that we have posted a new review of Beyond the Mask provided by Bob Mulligan, President of The Astrology Company and past President of the Organization of Profesional Astrologers (OPA). You can click on the following if you'd like to read it: http://www.depthinsights.com/studygroup/index.html#review

    Also, just in case you haven't seen the link to the audio interview Kathleen did with me last week, you an access it here: http://www.depthinsights.com/radio/KathleenBurt-BonnieBright-DepthI...

    Enjoy!--and see you Feb 1st!

  • I'm looking forward to the astrology discussion and would like to join the Jan 29 teleseminar.  How do we pay the fee? 


    I would be interested in knowing if participants have Uranus activating any of their natal planets.


    • Anne, I have Uranus in Cancer in the 7th house which will be or is being squared by Uranus in Aries (transiting my 4th) In the meantime, I have Pluto transiting the first opposite Uranus (and a stellium of planets in Cancer in my 7th)

      I'll have to look up the exact degrees/aspects.

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