Checking group temperature

Just want to see if folks have been getting what they hoped/for expected from the group.  We have a week or so left to enjoy this however we want to--so now's the chance to speak up.

Who has a question, comment, or concern?

What should we be addressing that we haven't so far?

Where would you like to go from here--are we done?

When might be good for an online chat if you want one, either individually or in a small group of those interested in something more?

Why do you suppose we have 18 members and perhaps 4 or so who have chimed in with responses to queries as the main participants?

How would you like us to close our circle together when it is time to do so?

Any and all feedback/critiques are welcome.


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  • Dear Darlene,

    I found the activity in this Special Study Group very interesting, although it was just a small group of people who posted reactions regularly. That's a pity, because I'd loved to communicate with and learn from the other participants also. I found it especially motivating to discover that your dropping in of new themes and aspects were driven by what the group offered as postings. Thank you for that.

    I hope my openess concerning my experiences has not scared of other participants in sharing their experiences. If so, my apology.

    I'd find it interesting to have an online chat now and then with a small group of people actively experiencing this spiritual awakening. Maybe the depth of the conversations will improve, because it's somewhat safer to explore with each other. Time differences may be problematic though.

    If possible from your side, I'd find it a nice thought to be able to communicate to you my ideas, experiences etcetera about the process I'm in. Especially where it concerns dreams and active imaginations.

    As a closure 'gift' of the group I'd like to have all communications in this study group in a file (pdf?), so that I can reread them after the group closes down. Maybe with some commentary from your side. Just an idea.

    Light, Life and Love,


    • I am totally appreciative of your openness, Pieter, as well as of your interest in continuing communication. If it is by online chat, please specify a weekend daytime (Pacific) and I will see what I can do. If it is by email, I can be reached through my spiritualdreams or websites. Feel free to do a test run while we are all still here together to ensure it works and we can get through to each other.

      I have just recently requested confirmation from Bonnie that people can continue to read what came out in our study group after participation becomes closed. I do believe we can. If we still need a .pdf, perhaps Bonnie has some expertise about that as well.

      Bonnie, can you guide us here? If so, thanks!


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