Led by Darlene Viggiano, Ph.D. (MFT), Adjunct Professor, Saybrook University

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During the month of May 2012, we will explore the function of dreams and visions--rather than their meaning--during crucial periods of psycho-spiritual development, based on research that analyzed seven cases of extraordinary experiences associated with dreaming and dream-like states. 

Our general aims will be to increase personal self-awareness and emotional growth, increase knowledge about dream research based on Jungian theory, discuss the use of dreams in clinical practice, and increase psycho-spiritual awareness.

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This is from an Analytical Psychology Group

Mysterium by Antonella Adorisio, Trailer video - Music by Donatella...   This beautiful work about the Mysterium of Body/Spirit Coniunctio seems appropo to us as we near the ending of our journey together, which is also always the beginning of a new one. Healing, as it relates to spiritual emergency, often has to do with dream-like experiences such as are found in active imagination.  Recovery of the self and of the soul seems to require a recognition of and an acting upon the mind-body…

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hello and this seems appropriate

Hello. As I said at the top of this message, this seems appropriate. Please tell me if it's not.   We've talked before about the people who I work with or have worked with using drugs to shut out all experiences and realities. Heroin is probably the most obvious one in this category. It puts you in a lovely warm cocoon  that keeps you safe and cozy....until the high wears off. Then, of course, they do another shot and the cycle of addiction has begun anew.   I myself am going through a period…

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Checking group temperature

Just want to see if folks have been getting what they hoped/for expected from the group.  We have a week or so left to enjoy this however we want to--so now's the chance to speak up. Who has a question, comment, or concern? What should we be addressing that we haven't so far? Where would you like to go from here--are we done? When might be good for an online chat if you want one, either individually or in a small group of those interested in something more? Why do you suppose we have 18 members…

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Related to synchronicity

Remember that in the radio interview I was talking about a Mainline Connection and then the phone started crackling? Here's the actual vignette I was referring to at that time. You'll see from the picture part of why Bonnie and I were marveling at the meaningful coincidence. Does anyone here have any experience with "channeling"? Do other folks have more synchronicities to share, such as the ones we noted regarding the tree of life, Pieter's experience and Bonnie's? How many of you have found…

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