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Remember that in the radio interview I was talking about a Mainline Connection and then the phone started crackling? Here's the actual vignette I was referring to at that time. You'll see from the picture part of why Bonnie and I were marveling at the meaningful coincidence.

Does anyone here have any experience with "channeling"?

Do other folks have more synchronicities to share, such as the ones we noted regarding the tree of life, Pieter's experience and Bonnie's?

How many of you have found that your spiritual emergences moved you not only personally but also professionally?

How many have found that dream/DLEs moved you in certain directions professionally?



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  • Also, what did you think about the sense that one need not believe in channeling in order to get a good outcome from its occurrence?

    What do you think openness to experience has to do with our ability to make use of our dreams and to accept a spiritual emergency as an opportunity to emerge spiritually?

    Would folks like to set a chat day and time to discuss some of these issues in real time?


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