From despair to a Healing Spoonful

Tonight we talked about the despair into which one could be plunged when meeting the tremendum of a DLE.  In the vignette linked below, we see how a dream can also herald the healing of despair.

Can anyone here relate to this, and if so how?

Would someone be willing to share a personal experience of a similar dream or DLE?

What can any of you who work with patients/people in recovery offer as an example seen in clinical practice (remembering of course to disguise any and all possibly identifying information for the sake of confidentiality)?

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  • Interesting reading. In the current process I haven't received medicine for getting through. Or to say: no medical treatment whatsoever symbolized in my dreams. When I was a teenager I used a kind of milk-like substance with which you could treat your acne. One night I received a dream in which a doctor told me to stop with it. I stopped - in real life - immediately with using it, and it was indeed no longer necessary to use it.

    The shamanistic dream which looks somehow like a medical operation is the re-connection of my two body halves. I only dreamt about the re-connecting of the two halves of my body. They were seperated by  a 'piano frontale o coronale', so the front of my body and the back of my body had been separated before, and now these were again united. You could still see a bloody line between the two halves, and it was said that this would heal. First, however, this fissure would heal like a cannion-like line along my body, but after that it would be straightened out and you could no longer see where the two halves of my body had been separated.

    I can't make a connection between this separation of my two body halves and the feelings I feel during this kundalini experience. The skull-dreams are more connected to this, since my feelings more or less concentrate on my frontal and my crown. It feels like my entire scalp is moving, while at my crown (Sahasrara) and frontal (Ajna) there is the most activity.

    Light, Life and Love,


    • Medicine comes sometimes in the form of a pouch, bag, or package--just like the one you mention receiving in the dream from your soror mystica. This would be in a more Native American system than in an East Indian tradition.

      Reconnecting is also a form of healing!

  • Hi Darlene

    I can relate to this - the dream heralding healing - though I have not experienced the dream bringing the despair, as total as I am hearing it meant here anyway. I think many many dreams bring the start of healing though - something I have experienced myself and also with those I work with - I don't have a specific example though - well not in any detail. There was someone dreaming of a wounded dog and suddenly understood their own woundedness which led to their healing ultimately - it was a pivotal dream for them. Its not so much a 'from the spiritual' as it is awareness rising up. Though of course this is spiritual even if the image isn't, as all things are... 

    • Yes, it's not so much that the dream brings despair as that the dream can present images of sad truths/symbols of messengers bearing sad news. Upon analysis, yes, awareness arises, and this can either bring despair or the ability to face the information--partly due to the consolation of understanding that the unconscious knows what needs to be known whether for worse or for better, and therefore can handle it. 

  • I notice there are no replies to this one yet. Let me know if I'm moving too fast, or if as a participant this is simply not a vignette you relate to as I imagined you might.

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