Please let me know if you're unable to get to the above link. It is about physical manifestation, which can be a tricksterish thing!

Note that this vignette also takes us back to the original theme of the wounded healer.

How have your own spiritual leadings been made manifest?

What part have your dreams/DLEs played in either the leading or the manifestation?

How is it that a wound can sometimes be a strength?

Why do you suppose so many Shamanic initiations include a sickness or wounding?

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  • Well, in my posting to Emma's reaction on the Discs 10 card from the Thoth Tarot I already wrote that I have the feeling that dreams are coming true in this time. 

    I have the feeling the spiritual process has actually been a long time with me, with only the last 2 years with these happenings around my soror mystica and the kundalini process. The first shamanic-like dream was 2003, in which my body was perishing, my jaw was loose, and I try to rearrange my face, but it doesn't work very well. I tried to find the dream about the skull with thin bone at the place of the third, so that light could easily get through, but didn't find it to give a date. Actually I've been busy with the spiritual world since I was a teenager. So it's been a large part of my life.

    But with a jump ahead: In 2006, just after its publication, I saw the movie The Secret and as a test I put the following words on a A4 paper:

    Drs. Pieter de Jong,
    Psycholoog NIP, NIP
    Cognitief-Gedragstherapeut, VGCt
    GZ-Psycholoog BIG, FGZP
    EMDR Practitioner, VEN
    Hypnotherapeut, NBVH

    When I made this paper, I started with my own name and the registration I had as a psychologist. In this way I wanted to connect my -then- current self with what I wanted to achieve in the coming years. I  put it on the ceiling of our bedroom, so that I could look at it and phantasize about having these titels in real life. Almost all my targets came through, in a pretty easy way. In 2009 I became a 'cognitief-gedragstherapeut' (= cognitive behavioral therapist), in 2011 I became a EMDR Practitioner, and in 2012 I become a 'GZ-psycholoog' (= healtcare psychologist) Only 'hypnotherapeut' (=hypnotherapist) has still not come true.

    It's really my experience that life seems to respond to inner processes, dreams, imaginations, and that in this way soul and world seem to work together to make me follow the path.

    Light, Life and Love,


    • Yes, I did something similar, writing my goals on my LinkedIn page, and they've all borne out. I am certified in clinical hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and would recommend going through the International Society of Clinical Hypnosis for you, Pieter, as the European standard.  Good luck!


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