Tree of Life/Kundalini Experience

Here is the vignette I'm thinkiing Pietre will relate to best from my research:


What are your associations to the Tree of Life?

What are your experiences with Kundalini?

Has either of these ever figured into your own dreams/DLEs?

What role do you see this DLE as playing in the spiritual emergence process?


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  • Money and coins, for me at least, are about resources. When I dream of them, it is as if I have reconnected with my inner resources of energy. 

    How is it for others of you, when you dream of money or coins, what role does that play in your life? For this question, I would like to try using Montegue Ullman's style of filling in the blank, so please try starting with ...

    "If money or coins showed up in my dreams, ..." (fill in here with however that would function for you).

    Thanks to all of you who participate in this exercise.

  • Dear Darlene,

    The Tree of Life has not showed itself (yet!) during my kundalini experience, though the image of a tree in my mind can be very soothing in case of emotional turmoil. Maybe this is because it has unconscious connections with the Tree of Life as _the_ tree of trees. Of course the chakra system itself is in a way tree-like, and in this sense it is also a soothing idea during my kundalini experience.

    My experience with kundalini started end of October 2010 with having a erotic dream, then awakening feeling orgasmic energy rushing up my spine. I wasn't afraid at all, since I knew instantly that it was kundalini. There was major activity in my crown chakra (Sahasrara) and activity in the root-chakra (Muladhara) and sexual-shakra (Svadisthana). The energy rose not toward my head, but stayed at first at Svadisthana height, then later that night, after another erotic dream, somewhat higher at Manipura height . In the second spinal sweep it reached my hearth chakra (Anahata) and since then I hear a very high frequency.

    In a Dutch book by Denish Dutrieux - and also in Greenwells Energies of Transformation - is spoken about three granthis: brahma-granthi, vishnu-granthi and rudra- or shiva-granthi.

    Greenwell: "The knots or "granthis" (Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra or Shiva) are the three aspects of subtle body theory often overlooked in treatises on this subject. They refer to places along the spinal column (in locations which vary considerably in the scriptures) where the energy-connection or identification with creation is especially strong and the energy must be
    pierced by certain yogic practices.

    According to The Siva Sutras, the Brahmagranti is the first point pierced by Kundalini before the muladhara chakra (at the base of the spine) is pierced; the Vishnugranthi is pierced between manipura (at the abdomen) and anahata (at the heart) chakras; and Rudragranthi is pierced between the visuddha (at the throat) and the ajna chakra (between the eyes in the forehead). (.)" (p.80-81)

    In my experience it seems that in my - not total - spinal sweeps the first two granthis were pierced. Since then I hear a very high-pitched sound in my head, and sometimes a little bit above it. This could be the so-called nada brahman (anahat-nada, shabda-brahman) which is audible after piercing of the second (Vishnugranthi) granthi. And, as mentioned before, I recognize the phenomena described as the Uraeus and the Golden Helmet ( YouTube:

    I still wonder whether the piercing of the third granthi - the rudra-granthi - is somehow connected to these Golden Helmet feelings in my head. I'm experiencing more and more activity in my head at the moment and sometimes painful shoots inside my (energetic?) brain. Could it be that the rudra-granthi is going to be pierced soon?

    Light, Life and Love,

    • By piercing, do you mean opening? How neat that so much is budding and blooming!

    • Dear Darlene,

      The term 'piercing' comes from Greenwell, but I think you could also call it 'opening'. Denish Dutrieux wrote in his book that the granthis are 'drilled-through' and that drilling through the third granthi comes with 3 days and nights of very heavy headache, after which a new consciousness of the world is possible. Since I hear this very high frequency after 'piercing' the second granthi, I guess the headache will come also. Since begin this year the 'golden helmet' feelings are getting stronger and stronger, although no pain, but nevertheless very much in my consciousness. With putting my hands on my head, the feelings disappear, but after removing my hands they start coming again. Have some feeling that a new fase is coming, because of last dreams. I'll keep you and the study group informed.

      Light, Life and Love,


    • Thanks, Pieter!

      I am curious if other study group members also have associations to the Tree of Life, or similar experiences to Kundalini or psychic opening? 

      Also, Emma, can you amplify the role of the Discs 10 card of the Thoth Tarot deck? Perhaps particularly the images symbolic of Hermes?

    • To speak of synchronicity: today I shuffled randomly a card out from the Thoth Tarot deck of Crowley, with a question about where the kundalini proces is heading. This card was Discs 10. In the image of this card you see 10 gold coins, arranged according to the kabbalistic tree of life. Also the card is overflowed with Mercury/Hermes symbols, which connects it more or less with my psychological practice (, in which the image of Mercurius/Hermes is very prominent.
      So, somehow, the process seems to tell me in this synchronistic way that the Tree of Life is also discernible in my spiritual emergence process. Also it seems toward a future possibility of integrating my own experiences in my psychological work, to help other spiritual travellers along the way.

      Last night I received a dream in which a female client of mine sends me the message that I will receive a package with 220 euros, a small golden pyramid (image of een open pyramid, filled with glas or crystal) and games to play with other people and some other things, as a gift for helping her, and ending our therapeutic relationship. In the shop where she buys these things, she meets a dark, exotic man, called Donivani (Don Giovanni?), which is connected the Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers (I was once a member of a barbershop quartet, who had connections to DABS), but luckily this man doesn't recognize my name, so my client could go on finding presents for me.

      In a way this dream seems to point to the end of a real relationship, but also the relationship that started the kundalini itself - this soror mystica you wrote about, Darlene - and the apex of the process, symbolized by the pyramidion-like object she's going to send me. A pyramid can be seen as the connection between the multitude on earth and the oneness in heaven. So, here again some symbols I tend to subscribe to the kundalini proces.

      Light, Life and Love,




    • Hi everyone

      Sorry about the absence we have had a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and I had a lot of things on with the family and little time with the computer - it was all good though, now busy with work - so I will reply here and catch up with the other things that have been going on when I can as I have visitors the end of the week for my sons birthday.. its all go in May!

      So to the 10 disks...

      It is one of the most power cards in the Thoth as it is 'the' final card of manifestation on the physical plane, it corresponds to Malkuth on the qabbala in the physical world - each suit is a different world and the minor (number) cards represent the whole tree in that world. wands = spiritual, cups = emotional, swords = mental and disks the physical world - as at the very start of creation we have all of the potential for everything in the Ace of wands, as something is manifest on the earth plane it comes through all the worlds to finally fully be here in the 10 disks. 

      I would suggest one meaning for you is that you are in a position now to fully be yourself in your work here on the physical plane. You can bring together all you have experienced in becoming who you are and now use that for service. Its like your journey is about returning to oneness yourself (we have to fully incarnate before we can rise back up to rejoin the Source and return to the Ace wands) through service now. Your connection to your business name strengthens this process and meaning. 

      Mercury/hermes is shown on the card in each disk except 1. Symbolising the message from the spiritual realms finally reaches earth, the one of the disks that is not a symbol of mercury is the one at position Hod on the tree - this shows the Sun. The positions itself however is associated with mercury and so shows every aspect of life can now be part of the manifestation you have decided upon. Mercury is the creator as well as the messenger in the sense that out wishes are carried to the spiritual realms by mercury. He takes our desires ahead for us. Here you see you have his help and assistance in every area of manifestation - in a sense you can have whatever you ask for. You have completed the process of learning and refining your ideas so now it is only a matter of it becoming a reality and this can come easily. 

       It is like you can use your kundalini energy now to more easily create the life you want and also to help others transform their lives as your service and return to oneness yourself. 

      Does this make sense to you?


    • Dear Emma,

      Thank you for your enlightening message concerning Discs 10. The feelings of the process seem to be a little different since a few days, as if a new phase is starting to come.

      My choice for Mercury is my motto is because of my birth sign: Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. I also have a twin brother (dizygotic). Further my connection is to Thoth, the messenger and writer of the Gods, and in a way I hope to be able to help people connecting back to the spiritual realm.

      It's also nice to know that coming Friday I get my official certificate for healthcare psychologist, so my status as a psychologist has received more ground also. Also it's funny that I have dreamt twice these days about money, and Discs 10 is of course also an image of coins.

      Fully reincarnating means for me, in this process, that my soul is entering more into my physical life. It is as if my spiritual body is integrating with my physical body more closely, so as to be more able to express the spiritual in everyday life, and also in my work.

      For now it's more or less dreams, but I honestly have the feeling that several dreams are coming true these very days.

      Light, Life and Love,


    • Excellent, Emma. What you wrote about "manifestation on the physical plane" now brings us to our next vignette!  See how amazingly this flows, so naturally and without need to plan because all is in divine order. Check out our new discussion, and thank you again!  Great to have you back with us.

    • Interestingly, mandalas, pyramids, and the tree of life all either emanate from or culminate in a center point, whether that is in the form of an apex or a seed.

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