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  • I am also interested in Sonoma States depth program, does anyone know how many students are accepted into it each year or have any insight on the application process? anything information would be greatly appreciated!
  • Beebe's presentation on the Self in film was fabulous and smooth.

    Maybe we can swap notes - Did you go to M Conforti.'s class yesterday?

    PS my notes are by hand...

  • Did anyone make it to John Beebe's presentation for the Public Programs a couple of weeks ago? I had a conflict but would love to know what your experience of it was...
  • Jane:  Thank you, again. I like your advice. I like being practical. However, I will do more research into the idea of what is needed to obtain MFT licensure in New Mexico. And how I might accomplish licensure with a master's in depth psych from SSU.  Melissa
  • Melissa Jane: I don't know anyone who has done this but I did research that one can apply for licensure if one has the courses required and the number of internship hours. I would contact your state licensing board for particular details. It may be more practical, especially since you have depth oriented therapy, to go to a school set up for the process and just continue with your depth studies extra curricular. There is a regular MFT program at SSU. Even out of regular MFT programs people usually need to do extra studies before taking the licensing exams.
  • Jane--Really?!  I did not know that you could apply for the MFT license after doing the SSU program. That's a revelation. Do you know any one who has accomplished that? Could the extra classes be taken at SSU? I have 20 years of therapy under my belt (on and off, mostly on) 7 of those years were Jungian-oriented. But I am prepared to do a great deal more, of course.


  • Melissa Jane: It is possible to apply for the MFT license after the SSU Depth Program. It would mean setting up your own internships and taking extra classes but it can be done. Alternatively, going through a clinically oriented MA state program while in your own depth-oriented personal therapy would also be a good plan.
  • I was seriously looking at the SSU training, but with a clinically oriented MA I can practice counseling. With the SSU MA I can't. So I am leaning toward the clinical master's.
  • Bonnie, Thanks so much for your input. It's very helpful as well!  I'm in the process of applying for an MA in counseling at a state school b/c it's relatively cheap. My plan is to put real money toward my doctorate and/or analytical training. The Jung Institute of Boston will accept any kind of MA. I am thinking about doing my analytical training with them. http://www.cgjungboston.com/jungtraining.htm
  • Melissa Jane: I'm so excited to see you are considering options for a degree in Depth Psych. I now have two master's in it because of the process Dorene alluded to. I completed the program and thesis at SSU and moved on to the PhD at Pacifica because I love the field so much.

    However, Jane is absolutely right! Though initially hesitant at the thought of investing time and money in "re-doing" the master's there (because it is combined with the PhD) I quickly realized there isn't likely another program in the country where you can get a PhD in less than 3 years anyway, and frankly, having the headstart because of the strong foundation I got at SSU was priceless.

    I felt I was light years ahead because of my previous work and of course, every class and every instructor was new anyway, so its not like anything was repeated. It just gave me an excuse to go to school and learn and immerse myself in Depth Psych a little longer...

    Please don't hesitate if you have any questions as you move further down the road. I'd be happy to answer based on my own experience.

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SF Bay Area Event TONIGHT: An Integrative Approach to Madness: A Conversation with Michael Cornwall

This is last minute, but I wanted to pass it on in case any of you are interested and able to attend tonight. It looks fascinate. It's at CIIS in SF at 7pm. Sadly, I have another commitment or I would have gone--but if anyone goes, please post a paragraph about your experience or learnings in the Forum! That would be great! Bay Area Event: An Integrative Approach to Madness:A Conversation with Michael Cornwall  Come be part of a free wheeling conversation with Michael Cornwall P.hD., as we…

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Dr. Vandana Shiva lecture this evening in San Rafael

I know this is last-minute, but I thought many members of this group may live in the Bay Area and might like to attend the lecture with Dr. Vandana Shiva this evening. I am planning to go so if you can too, let me know and we can connect in person. Here are the details: http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/xn/detail/5433794:Event:41714?xg_source=activity  

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This Saturday's Public Program at SSU with Barry Spector

Hi everyone, I wanted to make sure you know about the upcoming Public Program this Saturday with Barry Spector: Madness at the gates of the city: The myth of American innocence. It sounds fascinating. I've just posted the event here in the community at http://www.depthpsychologyalliance.com/events/archetypal-roots-of-american-politics-ssu-depth-psych-public-prog Meanwhile, there are several other public programs listed on the SSU Depth Program web page. If anyone has the time and energy, it…

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