Distortion of Type

I re-read the Hartzler book over the weekend "Functions of Type" and they have a section in the early part of the book talking about essentially type distortion.

Are the functions really evenly developed on a 1:1 ratio or are some functions including the shadow ones distorted and more or less developed than others?

For example Function 7 more developed than function 4?

The Hartzler's give these potential problems of distorns-

During Childhood (3-12 years of age)

1.There was negative feedback when the dominant was being used.

2.Family life called upon a nonpreferred function to be used in order to survive (e.g., an alcoholic or abusive parent or sibling)

3.There was postive feedback for using nonpreferred functions.

Later in life

4.Chosen jobs required extensive use of nonpreferred functions

5.Parenting skills demanded use of nonpreferred functions.

I'd like to add one more possible distortion of type and that would be technology. How much Introversion is really possible or going to be possible in this day and age with all the stimulation coming in the outer world?

Or the other side of it may be that it may create more Introversion as a compensatory need.

It goes without saying the need to develop all the functions but for most people who don't go through developing the functions and with whom we interact with, can we still sort out or do we still see the truth of their Whole Type/Code shining through despite distortions and whatever else?


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  • Shyrl and I have talked about your questions.

    First of all, to the extent one's Whole Type Code is distorted through various life experiences, it makes it hard to see their Code accurately.

    Individuation is always aiming at increased authenticity. So, if the dominant function has been distorted for whatever reason, it makes sense that the role of the shadow 5th will be to restore balance and authenticity. So, it might seem more extreme as it tries to pull the individual back to his or her authentic, healthy self.

    As far as technology is concerned and all the communication that is available to us through it is like another frontier that we have to learn how to live with, and we must apply to it the same kind of discernment that we apply to any other new life circumstances.

    • "First of all, to the extent one's Whole Type Code is distorted through various life experiences, it makes it hard to see their Code accurately."


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