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Beebe Vocab


Not sure what next class is all about or if you were going to get into the Beebe concepts more in future classes but if we can discuss how to use his vocab list and how that may fit with the vocab lists you have provided us with a little bit next c

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Hillman Resource

Willene asked where to find Hillman's writing about the extraverted and introverted feeling function-attitudes working harmoniously.  It's in Lectures on Jung's Typology.  It's in chapter three of his lectures on feeling, pages 122-125 in the book I

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Personal Vocab Part 2

To make sure I wasn't getting biased with my suspicion about INTP type code, I asked my Wife questions in masked form who barely knows anything about Typology and barely cares about it.

I changed the FA to numbers and switched the order around

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Personal Vocab Part 1

I was wondering if we can go over or expand this concept more in the final class?

My Introverted Thinking function where it may be, loved this opportunity to "find the right words."

Extraverted Function Vocabulary


"I Tell it like it is"
"I see..

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Functions and Time

I've been reflecting on Sensation and particularly Introverted Sensation and was curious as to why there is a "Historical" and "Sequential" element to (Si) like the Thinking Function (perhaps Introverted Thinking more so) which has to do with Order a

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The Spine of Integrity

Hi Dorene/Shryl

I was wondering if you could elaborate more on the idea of the Spine of Integrity?

What else might we look for?

I touched upon this question with Shryl somewhat in a conversation previously but....does the Rational/Judging and Irra

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Symbols and Intuition

In regards to the Intuitive Functions and perception via the Unconscious, does the Extraverted Intuiting function also have a quality of symbologizing or mythologizing like the Introverted Intuition? 

Perhaps this is still a subjective perception no

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