Personal Vocab Part 2

To make sure I wasn't getting biased with my suspicion about INTP type code, I asked my Wife questions in masked form who barely knows anything about Typology and barely cares about it.

I changed the FA to numbers and switched the order around a little bit.

I asked her to choose what vocab sounded like me and what vocab sounded like her. Astonishingly enough She, as an ESTJ picked the Te and Si sayings and for me the INTP sayings.

Here is the conversation.

Me: Hey.

Me:Pick 2 sayings from this set, 1 set for me, 1 set for you.


"I Tell it like it is"
"I see.."
"I hear.."
"I smell..."
"I taste..."

#2-"I wonder why..."
"Let's Brainstorm..."
"Let's try..."
"I have an idea..."
"What if..."
"Have you thought about...?"


"What are the Facts?"
"This needs to be first, then that..."
"What's the goal?"
"What are we trying to acheive?"
"What's reasonable here?"

#4-"Whose needs do I need to consider?"
"What's important to [These people]..?"
"What is appropriate in this situation?"
"What is good for the group?"
"What do you prefer?"

Pick 2 sayings from this set, 1 set for me, 1 set for you.

"I'm playing devil's advocate."
"Yes, but is it really true?"
"What principles are operating here?
"What model are we using?"
"What are the criteria?"


"I just know..."
"I can't tell you why exactly.."
"Does that resonate with you?"
"Do you know what I mean?"#7-

"What is of value...?"
"What values are at stake?"
"If it's important to you..."
"I prefer...."


"It sounds like...."
"It Smells like..."
"It Looks like..."
"I remember we..."
That's my take on it.

She misunderstood what I was trying to ask but you'll get the picture.

Trial 1#

Wife:1.) For me: "I tell it like it is" or "I see." For you, nothing - can't see any of them

Wife:2.) For me: "I have an idea." For you: "What if.."
Wife:3.) For me: "This needs to be first, then that." For you: What are we trying to achieve
Wife:4.) For me: What is appropriate in this situation. For you: What's important to these people
Wife:5.) For me: Yes, but is it really true? For you: I'm playing devil's adovcate

Wife 6):For me: I just know. For you: Do you know what I mean?

Wife:7.) For me: I prefer. For you: If it's important to you
Wife:8.) For me: That's my take on it. For you: Nothing - can't see any of them

Trial #2

Me:Oh I just meant pick 2 numbers.

Me:2 numbers from the set of 1-4 and 2 numbers from the set of 5-8

Wife:From the first set - I would say I'm more #3

Wife:but #1 is close behind

Wife:You're #2.
Wife:For the second set
Wife:I feel like I identify with a lot of them, but I guess the most, #3
Wife:You're #5

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  • You're fortunate that your wife is willing to explore this with you, Chris, in such detail. The information you pick up from such an "exercise" probably is more valuable than any published indicator.  In the end, you are the one who determines your code and your preferences.  It sounds like you may be coming into a determination of your type code that resonates with you.

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