Willene's Homework #3 - INTUITION

Hello Everyone in Depth Typology.

I enjoyed so very much listening to the recording of last week's class on Intuition. Once again, I cannot attend tonight's class live, (darn it all!!!!) and so I wanted to post my Intuition homework here. I so appreciated the questions and discussion last week, and look forward to participating with all of you next week and beyond.

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Here is the homework, and I have also attached a file in case that is the preferred method:

Willene Jaqua McRae




1. Introverted Intuition is my Dominant function.

On the MBTI assessment, I scored 30 Intuition, 0 Sensation. It is an extreme preference.


2. I enjoyed last week’s lecture very much and took note that Intuition is the function that “most stands in need” of being moderated by a judging function. I have been pondering this. I relate to the role of “flashes of insight” in my intuitive experience. I write in a journal daily because I know that as the words pour out on the page something else will eventually visit me in the spirit of what Shyrl calls an “A-HA realization.” My favorite relationships are with Ideas, and I capitalize that noun in order to emphasize the living nature I feel in IDEAS, perhaps something like the tradition of Plato. For me, Ideas are beings who visit me. Dreams are an image form of these Idea-visitations, and I greatly value the insights that are granted me through dream experience - for me, dreams are the most precious boon given by the gods. I love the multivalence of symbols.


3. Extroverted Sensation represents the complementing balance for my psyche. I have already shared how, as a young child, my pediatrician suggested to my parents that I enroll in a dance class to help my under-developed coordination/motor skills. At first, I could only clutch the ballet barre in terror. I was unable to take a single step with the rest of the class. But when my mother took me to a performance of Swan Lake and I saw the dancers moving in lyric unison to a tale of love and loss, I just knew that this was what I wanted to be - a dancer. I studied dance throughout my childhood and majored in Dance in college. I never had natural talent for movement, but I’m grateful for the experience of working in this physical sensation mode. Despite my awkwardness, I was hungry for the motion of dance and it is still one of my greatest thrills to watch a company of dancers move in perfect unison. I was never able to dance professionally myself - after college I moved to NYC and tried to earn a place in one of the modern dance companies there, but I simply did not have the talent.


4. Intuition is my dominant. So I have been considering not so much about how to develop intuition as how to moderate it with Thinking or Feeling. My T-i and F-e are quite balanced in the MBTI assessment: I scored a 2 on Feeling, so it is not much of a preference. I believe I use both thinking and feeling fairly equally in their auxiliary and tertiary roles. Perhaps my dream-life is a good example of this. Every night, I write a note to the Dream Maker, declaring my desire to experience a dream and my commitment to remember and work with the dreams that are given. It’s not a formula of any kind; I simply write a note from my heart (feeling) to the Dream Maker. In the middle of the night, I usually partially wake with the dream in full swing and I remember (thinking) to keep my commitment. My dream notebook is open to the page with my last love note to the Dream Maker and, in the pitch dark, I write key words of the dream on that same page, before falling back asleep. I often can’t remember doing this the next morning, but there are my key words on the page, and the dream floods into my consciousness as I read them. This is a practical way in which my thinking and feeling functions assist my intuition by grounding Intuition’s hunger for relationship with inner image-ideas in a practical daily ritual.

Homework - Intuition.docx

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  • Thank you, Willene, for sharing your reflections with an abundance of detail and description. They really bring your presence to the group. Enjoy your daughter's performance!

  • I loved reading about your experience of with the intuition homework--your way of expressing yourself is so lyrical, it's no wonder that your Dream Maker is so generous with your dreams--you speak the same language!!

    While extraverted sensation is your inferior function, it seems that with your commitment to dance you've already worked hard to develop it. Keep up the good work! To be able to consciously draw on each of the 8 FAs as particular situations require is the aim of individuation (self-mastery). In tonight's class we'll be looking at Beebe's "Spine of Integrity," which will add to your exploration of your typology.

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