Functions and Time

I've been reflecting on Sensation and particularly Introverted Sensation and was curious as to why there is a "Historical" and "Sequential" element to (Si) like the Thinking Function (perhaps Introverted Thinking more so) which has to do with Order and Causality we might say?

I can see how the process of Introverted Sensation requires a reaching back into the subject as it is being filtered though consciousness which may trigger a memory. But would Introverted Thinking also look at the history of the subject but in a detached sense? Isn't that what "Analysis" is?

I guess I'm just trying to make the distinction in the word History with how it is used to describe the function.

So which function (s) deal with history?

As I understand it, Introverted Sensation is the history related to the Subject because of an personal impressionable experience, even related to bodily stirs. And one or both of Thinking functions dealing with an impersonal objective & historical view, as in referring to specific dates in time?

I've come across a few sources relating the Functions to Time.

Intuition of course to the Future,

Sensation to the Now/Present,

Feeling to the Immediate Past,

& Thinking to History.

Thinking and Feeling never seem to be mentioned in the sense of time, at least I haven't come across much material on it.  It's almost as if the Sensation and Intuition cover the whole span of time and you hear a lot about Intuitives being concerned about the future and Sensation types are now people.

I could be completely wrong and going no where with this question but In your experience do you find the correlations with time above to be true with the Feeling and Thinking types?


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  • Chris -

    A short answer is that history is more typical of the perceiving function of introverted sensation - if you think in terms of dealing with facts and impressions in memory.  Both introverted and extraverted thinking engage "Order and causality", but very differently. Te is about creating order in the external world, in a sequential way, i.e if this, that, etc., using commonly held rules, protocols, etc.  Te would use history as part of the information to be considered in a logical sequencing of steps.  Ti is about creating order in the mind which has its own unique way of defining order and causality - unique to the individual. Ti would use history in a more interpretative way as it fits into internal frameworks, concepts, categories, etc.

    You ask about time. I don't agree totally with what you have listed, especially with thinking and feeling. One way of clarifying the influence of time is to say that extraverted functions are more oriented to what is happening "here and now". Extraverted functions (including T and F) are always moving to a new "now".  Introverted functions are sort of "timeless", in and of themselves, i.e. what they perceive or judge may or may not be tied to the past, the present, or the future. How we know the introverted functions in time is greatly influenced by their companion extraverted functions.

    My thoughts for the moment!  Hope they help!

    • Yes that helps thanks.

      "How we know the introverted functions in time is greatly influenced by their companion extraverted functions."


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