Symbols and Intuition

In regards to the Intuitive Functions and perception via the Unconscious, does the Extraverted Intuiting function also have a quality of symbologizing or mythologizing like the Introverted Intuition? 

Perhaps this is still a subjective perception no matter how we look at it but could we say that one function is perceiving the Symbols in the Outer World (Ne) and assigning them to Objects i.e noticing something like "That person is like a Zeus character" and the other Perceiving the Inner Symbols in the Inner World (Ni) i.e. "That dream figure is within me reminds of Zeus?"

Or is this primarily reserved to the (Ni) and the (Ne) is mainly concerned only with development and the anticipation of some possibility that remains external with out analogizing and interpreting something symbolically?

I.e. envisioning a child growing up and how they might be when they become older, imagining a broken down facility being turned into the new location for a multi-million dollar company etc..


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  • No. Extraverted intuition is about real world possibilities.

    Relative to your 2nd question, it could be that you've got both introverted intuition and extraverted intuition operating in parallel ways. However, the statement, "that person is like a Zeus character," is more like introverted sensation, as you're drawing on your memory of an image.

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