This group exists as a place to further and expand on the inquiry into the role of depth psychology, now and in the future; for clinicians and non-clinicians. It is intended to look at what role it plays in our individual lives as well as in the culture, and how we might "take depth psychology to the streets" as an offering to help restore balance in a world that is currently out of balance on so many levels. 

Anyone can add thoughts, comments, questions, images, links, articles, etc. that you think are relevant to the conversation. 

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AUGUST 2, 2015 – PART 2: In SEARCH of UTOPIA HERE + NOW On June 19, 2015, I accepted the invitation from the DPA Founder, Director Bonnie Bright + Board of Directors to participated in panel discussions concerning the questions posed to our virtual community regarding the future directions of the word, concept, meaning of DEPTH.  Psychology is paired with depth in this community; however, I truly believe the word “depth” ought to stand-alone.  I joined the panel discussions and my contribution…

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Charleston Syllabus

"Here is a list of readings that educators can use to broach conversations in the classroom about the horrendous events that unfolded in Charleston, South Carolina on the evening of June 17, 2015."

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UTOPIA by Thomas More [1478 - 1535]: A Narrative Political Fiction

Good morning All -  Just after we competed the Jung, Alchemy + The Tree of Life, I found this image [it found me] and I was going to submit it into our Post-Webinar discussions there, however, upon attending the 2nd Panel Discussion and first read of this story, and if we consider, I have had a lack of interest in political and religious arguments [not my area of passion]; I am trying to find areas where I may be able to contribute to the board panel discussions in a meaningful way - now.  …

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The Difficulty of "Getting the Word Out" about Depth Psychology

Among the many threads to this discussion, one in particular concerns the ”push” to get the word out about DP (depth psychology) into the larger public arena. I think I heard tones of enthusiasm, even urgency, along with felt difficulties (e.g. many “out there” have not even heard the term DP). I want to elaborate a little the post I made during the discussion regarding the complexities involved in getting the larger public to develop an ear for DP.  First of all our modern culture does not…

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