Sebastopol, CA

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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Ecopsychology, Dreamwork, Astrology

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I have been a student of depth psychology, Jung and Jungians, psychology and archetypal astrology, and other forms of psychology for 30 years, and a psychological astrologer for 15 years. I participate in a couple of depth psychology book and video groups ongoingly (7 years +), attend Jungian psychology webinars (some from the Jung Platform). I have facilitated a Jungian psychology-based dreamwork group for 5.5 years, after having participated in a Sufi meditation path that incorporates Jungian dreamwork for 26 years. I have also done a lot of delving into the unconscious through thorough and lengthy explorations with Process Painting work and Authentic Movement. I also have a certficate from a non-academic year-long counseling program, and do private counseling.

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