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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology, Liberation Psychology, Transpersonal Psych

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Based on my passions, interests, personal experiences and goals, I feel very drawn to the education and profession of depth psychology. I hope that through this community, I can learn more about depth psychology that I may not be able to find elsewhere. I also would love to connect with depth psychology professionals to possibly receive advice and/or mentoring.

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  • Hi Jen. I'd like to also add a rather belated welcome to the online Depth community. I'm glad you've found the Alliance and hope you'll jump in and engage right away by joining a discussion, commenting on others' posts, sharing links or articles that are meaningful to you, or posting some of your own work if you haven't already. Meanwhile, would you be willing to edit your "Settings" and add your first name? You can see how difficult it is to interact without names--calling you "J." is a little awkward but it is all most other community members will see.

    I'm sure you'll make some wonderful connections here in the community and find lots to read and ponder. I'll send you some tips on navigating the site in a separate email. I look forward to your contributions. Enjoy the site! ~Bonnie Bright, Founder 

  • Welcome J,

    I am glad you have found your way to the Alliance. I believe you will find much of interet in the many blogs, forums, and groups. You already have two friends in the Alliance and believe you may find many more offering various levels of interest and experience. Again, welcome to the Alliance and I look forward to your posts.


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