Juliet Bruce, Ph.D. left a comment for Laner Cassar
"Thank you for your question, Laner.

My practice is based upon the belief that we don’t tell the stories we live; we live the stories we tell ourselves. To a large extent, our outer lives reflect these stories, and to a large extent, we have the…"
May 9, 2010

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  • Dear Juliet,

    Thank you for taking time to clarify your story approach to help people. I also took a look at your informative blog.

    Warm wishes,

  • Hi Juliet. Welcome. Can you say a bit more on your narrative medicine approach in your work.

  • Hi Juliet. Welcome to the online Depth Psych community! Glad to have you here. Your blog and your practice looks wonderful! I see you offer events sometimes and I encourage you to take advantage of the event listings on the Depth site whenever one comes up--it's just one more great way to get the word out to an audience who is clearly interested in the type of work you do. See you online!
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I work with story structure, image, and language. I thought you might be interested in my use of creative metaphor to contain, express, and transform negative emotions. I hope you find this post useful.


Juliet Bruce, Ph.D.



The actor Liev Schreiber received wonderful reviews for his portrayal of the evil trickster Iago in the NY Public…

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I've posted a new article which includes a story exercise on my blog. It may interest you. http://livingstory-ny.blogspot.com.


Releasing Light in Dark Times through Storytelling

"I saw an angel in the stone and I carved until I set him free."

No one since Michelangelo has more aptly or succinctly told the story of creative process. In one sentence, the sculptor describes its stages: encounter…

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Understanding Creative People

Hello all,

I have a new blog post, "Understanding Creative People," that may interest you and hopefully be useful in your practice as well.

Best wishes,


More than ever before, our world needs people who are alive and inspired, who have new visions, new ideas for implementing them, and new energy. However, as much as corporations, classrooms, and clinical centers say they want to support creativity, they usually end up stifling it.

For one…

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Finding the Bones of Your Personal Myth


Hi all,

How wonderful that this community is expanding so rapidly.

I had the good fortune to hear Dr. Daniel Rottman, president of the New York Jung Foundation and a member of the faculty of the Assisi Institute, speak on the archetype of love in December at the Jung Center here. I expect to be posting some new thoughts on my Living Story blog about story and love, based on my experience with the story groups I facilitate, which have been inspired by his…

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