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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology, Ecopsychology, Transpersonal Psych

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In progress

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The call of my own soul.

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Asheville Jung Center, LinkedIn

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  • Welcome again, but this time to Jung in the South.
  • Welcome Len,

    I see you are in NC so I invite you to join Jung in the South as we are about to have a conference call to discuss a possible conference in the South or whatever else we might want to do to support depth psychology in the South. I see by Bonnie's post that you are connected with Asheville and they are a member of JITS as well.

    I also would like a dialogue at some time in that I have worked in three psychiatric facilities and my first summer fieldwork was in psychiatric facilities interviewing chaplains.

    Again, welcome.


  • Hello Dr. Cruz!

    OK, I'm dying to call you Len--so I shall. I feel like we go "way back"--at least to November when I personally entered the Twitter stream and encountered Asheville Jung Center and you on Twitter and LinkedIn. I'm only being a bit facetious because I honestly feel that social media speeds up the capacity for relationship--and I think its more of a good thing than not (much research yet to be done there!).

    Meanwhile, I love the bi-lingual aspect of your business--it's so important we address cultural differences--and equally appreciate your quote: "People are storytellers and when we recount our story in therapy we often hear it with a fresh perspective". So much of our existence is founded on the stories we tell ourselves and each other!

    Welcome to the Alliance, and look forward to joining you in discussion, learning, and connecting.

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