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"Thank you, Eva. I'm glad to be here. And thank you for being a faithful reader over the years. :)

Jul 13, 2017

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  • A belated welcome to the community, Mark. I've followed you on social media for years. Glad to have you with us, and feel free to post excerpts from your blog with links back to your site here in the blog section if you wish.

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Cauldron of Knowledge


There is a Celtic legend called the Cauldron of Changes that you can read on the website, Chalice Centre. I would like to discuss one aspect of this story that pertains to the knowledge of Soul and its transformative effects on human beings.

In the story, a peasant boy named Gwion is hired by Ceridwen…

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Examining the Archetype of Spirit

Bald-headed Old Man, by Rembrandt

What we colloquially call the human "spirit," is among the archetypes of the unconscious. Jung says the spirit archetype usually appears in dreams as a "wise old man," who gives "decisive convictions, prohibitions, and wise counsels" (Jung 214). This motif also shows up "in dreams in the guise of magician,…

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9142467868?profile=original One of the best stories from the Land of Nowhere concerning the rainbow is the Norse saga of Bifröst. Bifröst is the bridge that links Asgard, the home of the gods, with Midgard, the world of humans. The gods traverse Bifröst on horseback, moving between earth and heaven. The Rainbow Bridge stretches from this world to Himinbjörg, "heaven mountain," home of Heimdallr, the watcher of the…

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