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Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, Mythology, Ecopsychology, Somatic Psychology, Transpersonal Psych

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I am a month away from obtaining a BA in psychology from Burlington College.

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Not at this time

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I think that my experience with being Human draw me to Depth Psychology. It is a kind of language that resonates with me and I like that it honors many aspects of being human. I hope to gain knowledge from other people's understanding of depth psychology and I hope to learn more about how other people approach this work in their own lives and in community settings.

Do you belong to any other online Psychology-related communities or orgs? If so, which?


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  • Hi Melissa. Welcome to the Alliance. I love that you are connecting depth psychology with "being human". I saw a remarkable film last week that was about atrocities in Bosnia and the main takeaway for me was that being human means having the consciousness to transcend our tendency to act like "animals" (though I often think the animals are more conscious than we are at times!). In short, it just hit me in a beautiful way that I want to be more human rather than less because it means we can access love.

    At any rate, I'm so glad you're here in a community of likeminded people and I encourage you to jump in and engage right away by joining a discussion, commenting on others' posts, or posting some of your own work. I'll send you some tips on navigating the site in a separate email. Enjoy the site!

  • Welcome Melissa,

    I like your combination of dreams, psychology and healing. Indeed, that is what depth psychology is all about, at least to my mind, especially if you throw in active imagination as well. What area of psychology is your BA or are you a "generalist" so far? Planning on going on to an MA?


  • Welcome to the Alliance, Melissa. Also, I'm delighted that you've joined The Twilight Zone! I hope that you enjoy the site. And I'm looking forward to your posting your thoughts and questions about various dream methods. Every student of dreamwork, regardless of background, is encouraged to enter in!
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